What can someone do to grab your attention?

We like what we like and we don’t what we don’t. There have been many different studies on attraction throughout the decades trying to pinpoint exactly what makes it work. It seems like guys are attracted to a certain type of woman with a certain figure. And women like men that are muscular but not too bulky like a bodybuilder. They say the color red is the most attractive in general. And of all the letters of the alphabet, women like the letter “T” when worn on a shirt by a guy. The tests go on and on. And the results and theories get even crazier as you go.

The most important hypothesis is that humans have innate attraction triggers. Reproduction is an important factor to us like any other species. And sometimes the primary motivator of reproduction is the initial spur of attraction we have with another person. Peacocks open their big beautifully colored wings in an effort to attract a female partner. And maybe we’re no different. But there’s one thing the research seems to forget. We’re all individuals at the end of the day. We all have our own triggers of attraction that we respond well to. Some physical others not so much. So tell me, what can someone do to grab your attention?

Here’s my thoughts on what someone can do to grab my attention.

There are many different things that someone can do to grab my attention. I’m a naturally observant person so most people already have some form of my attention if we’re in the same vicinity. That means the girl I’m on a date with one night but also everyone dancing in my view at a party. I’m always taking notes on the people around me and what I’m learning about them. My attention is often more focused on others, and my environment rather than myself. But it’s not easy to get my undivided attention. If I’m focusing all my attention on you then you’ve truly done something to spark an interest in me. Chances are you did one of the following things.

You were being humble. I like people that are not all caught up in their own ego all the time. I can be confident and ride around on my high horse just like the next person. But a lot of insecurities are bred from the habit of hiding behind your ego. When I see someone who goes out of their way to be humble about a situation they could of chose to be bragdocious about, it intrigues me. In this generation everyone thinks their a celebrity and deserve worldwide admiration. It’s a nice thought. But I’m really intrigued by the people who seem to keep themselves grounded in a more realistic reality. If you’re someone who is down to earth and it shows through your character, I will be intrigued for sure.

Another thing that really gets my attention is when someone is supporting me. I find myself being someone who thrives on individualism. I always want to do it alone before I have to do with the help of others. That’s a part of the whole pride thing that I spoke on. But even though I’m eager to do the things alone, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the help. It doesn’t mean I don’t want the help. When someone goes out of their way to support me in health, wealth, or happiness, I immediately take note of it. True loners don’t have many supporters on their side. So we’re sure to value the few that we do have. It’s the same if someone actually takes interests in my thoughts. I’m a listener before a speaker. But I’ve learned so much over the years of being a sponge. When someone goes out of their way to hear my thoughts and point of view, it’s really attention-grabbing.

The next thing that grabs my attention is something that grabs almost anyone’s attention. It’s people who are bold. I am immediately aware of people who are bold and take risks in life. It’s not easy to jump up and do things that are scary. When I see someone go out of their way to do something that is bold, but still smart, I take notice. I like to take risks every now and then myself. And I’ve learned that you have to take risks and do things that are scary to experience things you would have never imagined. When someone is bold, or straightforward with want they want or need, I am surely cognizant of it. If you aren’t willing to take the risks, then it’s probably not that important to you. I like people who aren’t scared of failure.

The last thing that grabs my attention is something that I think everyone should have. And it’s also the most powerful thing to grab my attention. I am intrigued and very attracted by people who are passionate. Passion is the one thing that grabs my attention despite almost all variables. When someone has something that really excites them and gets them going every morning, it gets me excited as well. I like to see people’s eyes light up when they’re speaking about the things they want to accomplish or change in the world. If you’re passionate about something and share it with me, I will get invested in your passion. I will want to see your success more than you do. And that will grab my attention like nothing else really can. I am someone who is passionate in many of my own areas of focus and I’ve seen how passion can turn a dull life into a colorful one.

So it’s not that hard to grab my attention these days. You can be someone that is just humble in a world filled with ego. You can be someone who supports me in my own endeavors in life. You can be someone who is interested in my thoughts and views on the world. You can be someone who is bold and takes calculated risks. And most importantly you can be someone who is passionate about something in their own life. That’s how you grab my attention. But grabbing it is just one part of the equation. If you want to keep my attention, you better really have substance to who you are with a strong moral code. It’s either that or you have all four plus things on the list to grab my attention. That just might keep my attention.

But attention can be a double-edged sword. Don’t seek stardom if you’re not truly ready to be under the spotlight.

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