What can money not buy?

“The more money, the more problems.” That’s what everybody says. You can aspire to be rich and wealthy but it’ll come at a cost. Eventually, you’ll get friends asking for handouts and people scheming to take advantage of you. So the money you aspire for will mostly add new problems to your life.

But many people forget all the things money can do for you. Money is a universal asset that can do limitless things for people. They say money can’t buy happiness, but what about all the things it can buy. As a matter of fact, almost everyone has something they want that money can buy. But to stay grounded we should ask ourselves, what can money not buy?

Here’s my thoughts on what money can’t buy.

Money is such a powerful asset in life. With money, we can have peace of mind financially. With money, we can meet important and powerful people. With money, we can travel and experience exclusive things. And all of that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Now I’m in no position to speak on money. I’m not rich in the slightest. And everything I’m working toward in life is to become rich and build real wealth. So I don’t doubt money and it’s value in the slightest. But there’s no way money could get and do everything. It’s impossible.

So when I think about money there’s one thing I know it can’t buy. Money can’t buy passion. Many people think money can get you interested in any subject. A lot of people don’t have a passion but believe they could find passion at their job. That’s a cute thought.

There’s no amount of money that creates passion in a person. Many people think you can pay someone to get interested in something. That’s why jobs think raising a salary or a random bonus is what they need to motivate people. The truth is people don’t get inspired by a fat check.

People find their passions based off their own personality. They dabble in random subjects and activities throughout life. Then eventually there’s something that really captivates them. That’s the real passion they have. Money is more of a necessity.

Most people are working on things they hate to survive another day. Money gets them doing things they would never do. But those things are rarely a passion. Money can’t buy true genuine interest from someone. That’s not a real thing that happens from money.

Money can buy a bunch of amazing things. It can buy you expensive cars, designer clothes, and luxury mansions. It can buy you a lot of opportunities. But whether you’re rich or broke, you’ll have to find your passions on your own. You can’t buy or give any amount of money that will spark your passion in life… Unless your passion is money.

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