What book has had the greatest influence on your life?

Books hold almost all the knowledge of the world. When we learn and understand things better, we often write it down. One book can be filled with hundreds of these new understandings. And there are books in pretty much any and every subject in the world. It’s a beautiful way to share and build upon the knowledge of the people before us. Books will always be an invaluable asset to the world no matter how fancy technology gets.

So it’s always a great when we pick up the hobby of reading at an early age. And while some may find it to be frivolous, reading novels and fiction is just as important. They may get a bad wrap for being grounded in fantasy and sci-fi but it surely impacts imagination. In the same way, non-fiction impacts our general knowledge and understanding of subjects. So it’s naive to think books don’t have a great influence in our lives. But the question today is, “What book has had the greatest influence on your life?”

Here’s the story on the book that had the greatest influence on me and my thoughts on it.

It wasn’t the best time of my life. A few years back I had just had my heart broken for the first time. Nobody looks forward to a moment like that in life. But for some reason we all remember that day like it happened just yesterday. Let’s just say my reality was flipped upside down. I didn’t trust anyone in the world. I realized all things in life in are bound to fail. And I now understood that nothing lasts forever. So I went from rainbows and butterflies to a dark cold thunderstorm.

It was weird being completely negative and thinking of nothing but despair. It’s not a healthy way to live life. But I found solace in this way of thinking. And even though it didn’t completely heal the pain, it was my new perspective on life. I couldn’t spend any time sad and thinking back on old times. I had the new found freedom of being a single male in my early twenties. The only reasonable action was to capitalize on this freedom. So I went to one of the books I read almost six years earlier called, “The Game” by Neil Strauss.

This was one the best books I’ve ever read on game and picking up girls. Even as a teen with no access to clubs or an extravagant lifestyle, it changed my life. I learned techinques like “negging” “IoIs” and so much more that I still use to this day. But I needed to get a refresher, so I went straight to the dating and sex section in Barnes and Nobles. And as I was about to pick up the holy bible of game (seriously it’s a thick black book with gold pages and a red placeholder string), another book caught my eye.

It was a book that looked exactly like the black bible I was reaching for except it was completely white. It piqued my interest. It read, “The Truth by Neil Strauss”. It was the long awaited follow up to “The Game”. So I was hyped and ready to learn all the new strategies for picking up women years later. As I started reading, the book was nothing like what I expected. But it was everything that I needed. I was stuck to the pages like glue and read the whole book in a week or two. I learned so much in those pages and without a doubt consider it to be one of if not the most influential book for my life that I’ve read.

There was nothing in the book about spitting game or cold approaching women in the grocery store. Rather the book was set up focusing on the relationship of Neil Strauss. [Spoilers Ahead] It threw us into his relationship and seeing it fail from the inside out. It’s not what I wanted to read but it was surely enlightening. There was something refreshing about reading that even the most successful people have great relationships blow up in their face. And what was better was the way it humanized the perspective of the antagonist in the relationship.

My pride and ego turned my failed relationship into hate and spite. “I’m the better person and I should of never given such a feeble minded a girl a chance to be with someone as great as me.” But after reading the hundreds of pages I saw that humans make mistakes and we will never be perfect. But we can always be better. And it influenced me to be more forgiving and understanding. I also became more hopeful for the future and success in relationships. “The Truth” was the book that influenced me the most at the time.

What book has had the greatest influence on your life?

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