What bad habits do you want to break?

Habits are the building blocks of life. We are the sum of the habits that we practice. It might seem like a bit of an overstatement but it’s not. The habits we keep will almost always outweigh the things we do every once in a while. If you drink soda and eat fast food every day but you hit the gym a couple times every summer then you’ll be more fast food than gym. The good is outweighing the bad in that instance. But it works the same in reverse. If you have a great habit of waking up at five in the morning everyday but you overslept for a week while on vacation, it wouldn’t matter. Your life and your results would ultimately reflect the true habits that you keep. And that is why habits are so important.

If you take two puffs of marijuana on your crazy trip to Amsterdam, that’s great. You were living on the edge. But if those two puffs turn into smoking a full blunt of weed every weekend, then that’s a habit. And even though, one wrong decision can change a life, one bad habit can destroy one. That’s why we should be more cognizant of the habits that we practice. We all have them. It’s hardwired into the human brain. We like patterns and crave predicitability at times. No matter how adventurous you are, nobody wants to wake up everyday and not know where they’ll eat or sleep for the day. Habits are the routines that give us a sense of predictability and comfort. But bad habits are the single easiest way to throw your whole life away. You have to keep your habits in check. So what bad habits do you want to break?

Here’s my thoughts on the bad habits that I want to break.

When I think of bad habits, there’s a never ending supply of them in my life. And I’m someone who tries to create more and more good habits in my life. I’m a lifelong learner that’s dedicated to growth in all areas. I pride myself on that. But it doesn’t mean I’m perfect by any means. If anything, I’m just more aware of all the things that I currently suck at. And there really is a lot of them. But they don’t all fall into the category of habit. If it’s bad and I’m doing it over and over again then we have a serious problem. Especially because if I know it’s bad then I’m nine times out of ten going to try and stop doing it. And of course bad is a subjective term. We all have our own idea of good and bad so it’s hard to be clear. But we can always be clear with what’s bad to us personally. So here’s my list of bad habits I want to break.

One of the longest standing bad habits I’ve had is my eating. I have a very bad habit of unhealthy eating. There’s so many different ways to eat better but it seems like I don’t do any of them. I’m usually eating fast food off the road. And that’s been ever since about college. Or maybe it went back to even the highschool days. My mom would cook dinner for us every now and then. But it wasn’t very often. I think I got used to the boxes of pizza every other night. When I was in college, I would just eat chicken tenders and fries pretty much day in and out. What else did you expect me to eat when I had pretty much unlimited credit at the chicken spot across the street. And it didn’t get any better when I left college. I’m still eating out on the daily.

And this is one of those times that a good thing just happened to make things worse. When UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates came knocking on my phone, that was it. Now I sit my butt at home all day and order any and every fast food joint straight to my doorstep. At least in college I would have to get up and walk across the street to get my food. I want to break this habit because I know it will affect me in the long run. You are what you eat. And if I’m eating unhealthy it comes as no surprise that I feel unhealthy a lot of the time. Unhealthy eating is not only really expensive for no reason, but it’s hindering me from many of my other goals. When I go to the gym consistently for a month and see no results, it’s probably not the exercise routine. I’m just eating away all my results. I want to break that.

Another habit that I want to break is my coldness when it comes to dealing with others. I have what seems like an unconscious ability of measuring people up when I meet them. Everytime I meet someone new, my mind will have a little small talk even though I hate it. But the moment I get the sense that this person is not going add value to my life, I detract from the situation. I’ll close up and stop being engaged with the person and the situation. It’s a sad and really bad habit of mine. Everbody I meet is a human being before anything else and I should treat them that way. Instead I’m being “Mr. Transactional” asking myself how can this person add value to my life. And yeah that might sound like a good thing to filter out the good from the bad people in my life. But the truth is you can’t fully grasp the story and character of a person in a thirty second interaction.

I hate that I do that sometimes. And I know I would have much more meaningful relationships if I spent time trying to get to know people with no agenda. It would probably be a lot more freeing for my mind as well. Imagine the anxiety I must have overthinking every little interaction and wondering if I’m missing out on the biggest opportunity of my life. I’m grateful for my abilities to be transactional when it comes to business or career suited events. But it’s not always necessary to be so cold and brash in life. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and let life happen. I want to break the habit of always being so transactional. I don’t want to throw it away altogether. I just want to turn it on and off for when it’s needed rather than surveying every person I meet. I think breaking that habit could greatly improve my social life.

The next habit is probably the top habit of all the habits that I want to break. If I could consistenly find a way to break this habit my life could forever be changed. I would probably so much further on my journey to success. And I would feel like I could accomplish pretty much anything I put my mind to. I already feel that way sometimes. I just don’t think I can accomplish anything in a timeframe that I want to. And that’s simply because I procrastinate way too much. I mean I procrastinate almost every single day in some way and many times for really important things. It sucks. When you’re able to see what you need to do but you’re never doing it, it really messes with your psyche. I hate seeing myself waste precious time. I know that time is the one commodity that I will never get back. And yet, I still waste time on a daily basis.

The two biggest time wasters that contribute to my procrastination are Youtube and video games. I spend way too much time watching videos on Youtube. It can start off as an innocent search on how to change something on my website. And that one video can lead to another video and another channel and then a whole different subject. Before I know it, I’m lost in the rabbit hole of billions of videos on Youtube. It’s such a time sink. Even today I had a plan for three simple things I wanted to get done. And truthfully speaking, I don’t think I fully accomplished any of them. Guess what I was doing instead? I was watching funny and inspiring videos on Youtube. I also spent a couple of hours just playing video games like a zombie. It’s a fun escape sometimes but there’s no doubt in my mind that they are both bad habits that contribute to my procrastination. I think I should make an effort this year to break all these bad habits.

Imagine how great we could be not even with all the best habits in the world, but with literally just no bad ones!

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