What artistic medium do you use to express yourself?

Everybody has a one of a kind perspective on life. No two people will ever see the world from the same point of view while experiencing all the same things. Not only are we all individuals in the sense of our DNA and the genetics that made us, but we all have different paths in life. Those two factors alone make every single person especially unique with value that no other person on Earth can replicate. That’s a great thing. And as humans we have a natural urge to express ourselves. When you feel like your thoughts, ideas, and experiences are like no other, it’s only natural for you to want to share. Self expression is a big part of the human experience. We love to pick our own outfits, or change our hair color one summer. That’s why you see so many kids feel highly discontent in schools that require uniform.

We don’t want to be subject to feeling exactly like everyone else in every single way. Even in the most strictly enforced uniform schools, kids will find a way to express themselves. Some kids will wear socks with a pattern on it while others might roll up their shirt sleeves. But they will find a way to express their uniqueness in some way. Ninety percent of people would go insane in a world with absolutely no self expression. Regardless of what we might publicly say, billions of people around the world spend money on different clothes, car brands, and even tattoos to express themselves. And that’s the thing. We express ourselves in different ways depending on who we are. There is no one single way to express yourself. But the way you express yourself can speak a lot to who you are and what you value. So what artistic medium do you use to express yourself?

Here’s a short story on the artistic medium I use to express myself.

As soon as we walked in the doors, my brother and I ran to the back of the store. I hated shopping with my mom because it always felt like an eternity going from one store to the next. But my brother and I learned to make the best of it by doing what young boys did. We horsed around pretty much everywhere we went if we could get away with it. We were in a K-mart type of store so we knew my mom would be in the women’s clothing section. We stayed closer to the electronics and toys section. After racing around the isles a couple of times we decided to play a game of hide and seek. There was no way I was going to lose to him this time. He started counting down from ten I took off sprinting. I ducked under some clothes in the boys section and got comfortable.

A few minutes later and I heard his loud, uneven footsteps right beside my face. I held my breath as tight as I could as not to make any noise. But I was already exhausted from sprinting across the store so I my weak teenager lungs gave out quickly. I bursted out trying to get a deep gasp of air and just like that Remi jumped on top of me screaming he found me. I couldn’t even try to argue that he cheated or it wasn’t fair. I just slowly ruffled myself out of the men’s gray sweatpants and started my walk of shame back to the home base. “Three. Two. One. Ready or not, here I come!”, I screamed quietly. I immediately walked over to my last hiding spot knowing he always tried to outsmart me. “Who in their right mind hides in the very last used hiding spot?!” He wasn’t there this time.

It was a full ten minutes later before I realized I searched all over the store for this kid. I must of passed by my mom twice just casually looking for him. I was stumped. He really took it to a whole new level. I thought for awhile and deduced he could only be in one of two places. But there was no way he had the audacity to leave the store and hide in the car, so I headed over to option two. The base. My brother knows I’m an overthinker that would overcalculate every potential spot except the one that seems the most insane. I got to the toy section and started looking around corners. As I was browsing through the isles, there was some pretty cool electronics on the shelves. But one box in particular immediately caught my eye. It said video camera and listed all these really cool HD, card storage, portability features. I grabbed it and noticed the box was half open.

The whole camera was only like sixty bucks. That was a steal! I reached my hand inside the box trying to grab the camera and then someone tapped me on the shoulder. My heart started pounding heavily as I contemplated how I would explain myself to this employee. I turned around to see Remi who busted out laughing at me. He said he was behind the toy boxes right behind me the whole time. This kid was good. I grabbed the camera out the box and started playing with it. Remi took the box trying to figure out what on Earth I just found. The camera was no bigger than a deck of cards, all silver, and had just three buttons on it. I turned it on and started recording Remi and teasing him for his messed up hairline. We spent fifteen more minutes running around the store recording people do all kinds of things while we added or ingenius voice commentary.

Eventually, my mom found us and told us it was time to go. She didn’t find anything good to wear in the store. That was probably the worst part of every shopping trip. You start to question your whole life when you spend an entire day shopping in stores, all to go home with nothing more than you all left with. Remi got up and started running to the front of the store. I dropped everything, jumped up and started following him. Then as I got closer to the front I realized we were going to lose all our great footage forever. So I turned back, told my mom I had to use the restroom, and found the video camera. I acted like I dropped something near it on the floor. Then I bent down, grabbed the camera and slipped it into my pocket. I looked around to make sure nobody saw me and I left the store. I remember the look on Remi’s face when I showed him the camera later that night.

We never spoke about it again. But we started recording all kinds of cool things. We would do little funny interviews with each other. We would record ourselves joking on each other. I started recording him skateboarding so we could release a sponsor me tape. I then learned how to edit all the videos with Window’s Movie Maker. That turned into me getting into professionally editing videos. And I found myself making skits with my friends or recording random short movies in the summer. A few short years later I upgraded to big boy cameras and before I knew it I was making professional videos for other people. That ended up being my first real income source. I would freelance and make videos for companies and non-profits. Video Production became my number one hobby and my favorite way to express myself. I do a lot of writing these days but creating videos is still my number one artistic medium for expressing myself.

I’m not happy about how I got into video editing but I’m glad that I got into it somehow. Thanks for always being down to record whatever with me bro!

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