What are your top three priorities?

Life is one big beautiful chaos. There’s no rhyme or reason to the world but so much structure at the same time. It’s rare to see so much chaos and structure in things naturally. When it comes to us normal people our lives tend to trend toward chaos and craziness. We have to be the ones to find and create structure in our lives. And we usually find that structure by clarifying our priorities.

Priorities add a lot of value to our lives. We can find our direction in life from clarifying what is important to us and what is not. Without priorities we’re open to wasting time and energy and a bunch of random things. So it’s always beneficial to pick out a few priorities that we care about. Then decisions can be mademuch quicker and with more confidence. So let me ask you, “What are your top three priorities?”

Here’s my top three priorities in life and my thoughts on it.

Priorities. It’s pretty much my love language. I love making the distinction from something I care about and something I don’t. Some people may think that sounds silly. But really, I love clarifying who I am, what I believe, and what I want to spend my energy on. This makes me feel like I’m understanding myself a little better. And one of my biggest pet pieves is wasting my time on things that I don’t truly care about. When I clarify my priorities it helps reclaim some of my time and mental energy.

So three priorities is easy for me. The first and of the most important priorities I have in life is honesty. I find that many people in life, lie often and very loosely. It’s almost an epidemic at this point. And it’s sad to see people lie to their friends, family, and the people they love. It ruins relationships. I don’t want to find myself in that situation. So I practice honesty and candidness as often as possible.

And sadly it causes lots of problems sometimes. People don’t always want to hear that they shouldn’t eat that cookie or they need to dump their girlfriend. Well I find myself pushing through that social stigma to create an identity around my honesty. I might not always be the most graceful about certain subjects. But my friends, family, and potential lovers can trust that’ll be honest with them. I don’t want to spend time around people that can’t reciprocate the same.

Another priority in my life is happiness. I’ve learned so much about happiness in the last two years of my life. It went on a crazy rollercoaster filled with high and low emotions. And while there were some good times, there were some really sucky ones as well. And I never experienced some of those dark and depressing lows before. I was in a completely unknown area of my life. I always prided myself on my mental willpower and determination.

But if you’re mental state isn’t on the right track your life can fall off the tracks at any moment. It’s that easy to go from amazing potential to downward spiral. I saw it with my own two eyes and it scared the living hell out of me. I know put a lot of emphasis on happiness and a good mental state. I will make my happiness a bigger priority in my life. And I will simply have to reject the people that want to drag me and my mental state down.

As for my last priority, it’s one of the biggest reasons happiness is a priority. My third and very important priority is progress. I love progress with everything in my body. I want to always look at myself and see that I’m a little more forward than I was a day ago. It seems trivial. But if we’re not growing we’re dying. And I hate to see the things I care about falter and deteriorate. I feed off of the progress I make in life. It could be in any amount of areas.

I love the progress I make in my health. I love the progress I make in business and success. I love the progress I make in relationships. And I love the progress I make in any and everywhere else in my life. It goes hand in hand with happiness. I’m at my most happy when I’m making strides forward in life. It doesn’t even have to be strides. It could be baby steps. It’s a priority I will have until the day I die. If I’m not trying to get better at it, I don’t want to be doing it.

That’s how my mind works. When it comes to priorities I spend a lot of time thinking about them. For me, I have many priorities in different areas of my life. But the top three priorities in my life are clear right now. I need to be surrounded by honesty in life. I need to keep myself and the people around me happy in my life. And I need to always be moving forward and onward. What are your top three priorities?

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