What are your top five personal values?

There are so many things that make us humans and connected to one another. On the other hand, we’re also all individuals. There’s many things that make us unique from our personality, body type, upbringing, and interests. But one of the most fascinating unique characteristics is personal values.

We all develop different things we value or feel strongly about throughout our life. The fascinating part is how much these things vary from people to people. It could be anything from valuing sports, politics, social activism, and much more. There’s almost nothing that is a surefire indicator of someones current or future values. That’s interesting. But the question is what are your top five personal values?

Here’s my top five values and my thoughts on them.

Personally, I admire questions like this. Taking the time to actively think about my personal values is a great activity. It helps me reinforce those values by making sure they are top of mind. And honestly, I consider myself to be someone that holds strong values and morals. So it’s important to me. The top five personal values in no particular order would be…


This whole list isn’t in order but if it were honesty would probably be number one. I think being honest with others is something we can all do. It’s something that we owe to the people that are honest to us. And honestly, it’s something we owe to ourselves. Big and small lies are unnecessary weight on your conscious.

When we lie, sometimes we start believing our lies ourself. And eventually, we end up not knowing who we are. I’m candid and honest with myself about everything and as result, I’m honest to others. The truth prevails above all. Everytime we lie someone knows and will look at us as untrustworthy… even if the person is ourself.


Respect goes hand in hand with honesty. Everyone deserves some amount of respect no matter what. We can hate serial killers, the opposing team, or our enemies all we want. But as humans, we all deserve a certain level of respect. Part of that respect means be honest and don’t deceive others.

But at the same time that respect means don’t lock someone in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. It’s inhumane. And while some may think it’s no big deal, when someone doesn’t show you the basic human respect you deserve, it’s traumatic. I think 90 percent of all social and civil issues could be remedied with honesty and respect.


I will always value growth. Life is always in motion. We can either be failing… or we can be succeeding. We can either be improving the world… or we can be worsening the world. That’s the reality of it. Time is moving forward in a constant and never-ending pattern.

That’s my role model. I want to be moving consistently in a positive direction. That’s not just business. That means in health, in fitness, in love, in skill, in finances and everything else. Growth will forever be an important value in everything I do. Simply because, if we’re not growing… we’re dying.


The fact of the matter is accuracy goes unnoticed in our daily life. Many people think being accurate is not that important. It’s swept under the rug. But just from being a logically minded person I know, accuracy is critical in our day to day lives. One inch off in the lines painted on our roads and lives might be lost.

When it comes to me, I want to learn new things that are cool but most importantly accurate. Many people stretch the truth for dramatization. That’s cute for movies. But in a day and age where info spreads like wildfire, make sure it’s accurate. The telephone game should of showed us enough as kids what happens when people are inaccurate with small details.


This is a big one. I believe happiness is something all humans aspire to have. We’re so engulfed in the stresses of day to day life that it can seem like a never-ending rat race. The main thing giving us life is the small amounts of happiness we get here and there. We do drugs recreationally, go on vacations, watch movies, and watch stand up comedies looking for a little more happiness.

And the beauty is whatever makes us happy is our own perogative. But I think it’s important to realize we all get one life. And at the end of that life, the only person’s thoughts and judgment on our life that will matter will be our own. So don’t let anyone tell you how you should live your life. We should always be maximizing the happiness we get in our lives. That’s what we enjoy and that’s what we’ll hope we had more of on our way out.

Those are my top five personal values. It’s really a comprehensive list of what motivates and fuels me. What are your personal values?

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