What are your favorite simple pleasures?

Life can go from simple to chaotic in the blink of an eye. One day we’re just worrying about one simple homework assignment. The next day we’re trying to manage finances, health, relationships, careers, and so much more. It’s easy to get bogged down in the fast-paced nature of life. But that’s why we make time for holidays and vacations to cultivate joy and happiness. It helps us stay positive and grateful for the great beauties in our life.

But there’s something many of us still end up missing. There’s big vacations and popular holidays but we can find pleasure in the small things too. The simple pleasures in life tend to be the most satisfying at times. But unlike popular joys like traveling and family, simple pleasures vary from person to person. You may find joy in something as simple as a soft baked cookie while I hate cookies. Either way we should all learn to cherish our own personal simple pleasures. So what are your favorite simple pleasures?

Here’s my quick thoughts on my favorite simple pleasures in life.

There’s so many different simple pleasures in life. Some people loving petting their dogs. Other people love watching scary movies with friends. While others may just love a triple scoop ice cream cone on a hot summer day. There’s too many to pick from. And chances are we won’t remember all of our favorite simple pleasures off the top of our head. They’re small and simple pleasures after all. So even though these might not be the best simple pleasures in my life, this a list of the first ones that came to mind.

Cold water. As a kid I always drank soda and juice. I grew up with a mini-fridge in my room that was always stocked with the best juices. I loved trying new flavors and rolling over to grab a cold drink late at night. But after college one of my close friends and I did a challenge to drink only water for a month. It sounded pretty easy. And we both went the whole month drinking only water for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any other meal we had a drink with. It was a productive month. It went so well that I decided to drink water for a whole year.

And I did. I actually took it even further. I drank nothing but water for two whole years. It was great. But in that time something strange happened. I learned to absolutely love water. It went from a bland drink that I hated drinking to a flavorful drink that always seemed like the best option. But the simple pleasure came from, drinking cold water when I was really thirsty. When you just finished a long workout or walking all day in the sun nothing, and I mean nothing, was better than a cold glass water. It became a simple pleasure of mine.

Another simple pleasure I love is reminiscing on my past. I love taking the time to watch old videos and look through old photos. It’s something awe-inspiring about seeing the old you and how people have changed over the years. I love watching the old skit videos we used to make as friends. I love looking through old Instagram and Facebook photos. I love looking at old letters written to my highschool crush. It’s all special to me.

It’s even more special when I think of the old problems that I thought would destroy me. I think of how terrified or scared I was about things like grades, careers, and money. Then I look at my current situation and see that none of it mattered in the long run. It’s inspiring to look back at the mountainous problems that I thought would forever hold me back and see how far I’ve come. And this goes for friends and family as well.

It also makes me feel great thinking about the huge goals I set as a kid. Then I see how far past those goals I’ve gone and it makes me smile. That’s a true simple pleasure. And it really is simple in nature. All it takes is a moment to watch old videos and relive those old moments. I love that feeling. The past is precious. The future is powerful. Those are two of the simple pleasures I enjoy in life. There are a couple more like laughing at/embarrassing myself. I love laughing at the things people take super serious. That’s a simple pleasure. What are your favorite simple pleasures?

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