What are you waiting for? How are you writing your life’s story?

Good things come to those that wait. At least that used to be the story. In this day and age, everyone and their mom is waiting for someone. Sally is waiting for her “Mr. Perfect” to come knocking on her door. Paul is waiting for his dream job to fall in his lap. And worst of all, Billy is waiting to win the mega millions lottery and become filthy rich. It’s not to say that waiting isn’t good and these things can’t happen. But waiting is essentially deciding to let your life pass you by while you watch many other people get the things you want.

In today’s society you have to get up and go get the life you want. There’s no life or dream that’s out of reach. You just have to be willing to dedicate yourself to making these things a reality. Elon Musk is moving the human species to interplanetary travel. If he can do that, than we can do anything. We are the one and only authors in the book of our lives. But we have to be clear about where we are in the process. And you have to be clear on where you need to take more action. So what are you waiting for? How are you writing your life’s story?

Here’s a short story on what I’m waiting for and how I’m writing my life’s story.

I was fed up. I bust in my brother’s room and told him that our mom wasn’t having it. I was the older brother so of course I was tasked with giving my mom the final pitch. So I brought all my tricks when I walked in her room twenty minutes earlier. But no amount of fancy graphs and fancy acronyms like “ROI” made her budge. She just wasn’t going to buy two skateboards for us when she hadn’t seen us skateboard in years. Now here I was telling the news to my younger brother who was sure it would work. And it broke his heart.

He was really the one who loved skateboarding. He was great at pretty much any sport or craft he put his mind to. He excelled at soccer, playing basketball, and running the years before. Now he was decided on being a pro skateboarder. And I was one hundred percent down for the ride even if it meant I had to learn how to skateboard too. I just believed in him too much. And skateboarding was actually lots of fun and pretty exciting when you landed your first few tricks. But my brother was past using beat up ten dollar plastic boards from Target.

If he wanted to make any more progress as a skateboarder, he would need much better equipment. After all you’re only as good as the tools you use. So we were done. We went on a spree of random ideas trying to get the equipment we needed. We asked aunts and uncles at church. We tried scrapping together any spare change we found around the house. We did a few weird services around our neighborhood for money. We would even drag our mom into skate shops when we went to the mall and try to convince her to buy something on the spot. And we found little to no success in all of it.

Then a crazy idea crossed my mind. It wasn’t the smartest idea. And it wasn’t the most ethical idea. But it was an idea nonetheless. My biological dad had recently did me a favor and ordered some pizza to the house for us. He didn’t order it himself, but rather told me his credit card info to write down. And I still had that card info written down on my counter from a day ago. The idea was clearly as bad as it gets. I could use the card to order the boards without asking. I didn’t even give myself enough time to think through it clearly. I grabbed my brother and we headed to the computer.

We browsed through online skateshops and found two amazing skateboards. They were top of the line and exactly what we wanted. But they were also pricey coming in at about one hundred twenty dollars each. I asked my brother if he wanted to be a skateboarder and he said yes. Then I clicked the order button. A week later we were on the streets riding these brand new crispy professional skateboards. He improved so much as a skater after that. And we shot a lot of footage and sponsor me tapes with those boards. And even though it wasn’t our proudest moment, we surely wrote our own destiny.

These days I steer far away from super illegal things like that. My dad was furious but eventually became understanding and forgave us. I don’t wait for friends and family to fund ideas. I also don’t wait for someone’s card info so I can exploit it. The only thing I wait for now is the right mind state to get up and do things for myself. I get up and write my own story in everything I do now. It was small moments like those that molded me into a person that takes action for the things I want. Now I just choose to keep that action ethical and responsible. I’m getting up and working on my dream business everyday in an ethical way to manifest my dreams now.

At least my brother learned one thing back then… I’ll do anything for you bro. Love you Rem.

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