What are you sure of in your life?

Tomorrow is not promised. That’s the truth. But tomorrow is also a question. Nobody knows what the next sunrise holds. That’s the reality of the life we live. Life is full of question marks. We don’t know if we’ll get fired next week. Or maybe we’ll fall in love with a stranger next month.

But that’s just one side of the equation. There’s also a certain level of certainty. Although few and far between, we can be sure of some things in life. Maybe our goals, identity, or external situations are things we can be certain of. It differs person to person. So tell me, what are you sure of in your life?

Here’s what I’m sure of in my life and my thoughts on it.

The entire of idea of life itself is built on uncertainty. Nothing is promised. That’s the contract you sign when you’re born in this world. Some people are born into multimillionaire families while most are born into poverty. Some people win the lotto when they play while most just waste another two dollars. But none of them were truly sure.

That’s how life works for us. We can only learn, work hard, and hope for the best. But that’s all a good thing. If everything was certain or guaranteed in your life that could cause problems. Many people may lose motivation knowing they’ll always have a job their whole life. Or maybe knowing you’re going to get murdered influences someone to instead be a murder. It’s better to not be too sure of anything.

Nonetheless, if you really look at your life, your patterns and deep within yourself you can find some answers. There will be something you can be virtually sure of. Even if it’s not one hundred percent, I’m virtually sure I won’t win the mega millions lottery. So I won’t play. But thats trivial. Here’s the two things I’m currently very sure of in my life.

The first thing I’m sure of in my life is challenge. I’m sure my life will consist of challenges of all sizes. I was born into this world with one of the biggest challenges of living with SS sickle cell disease. I face that challenge on a daily basis. And that’s not the end. There will always be new and tough challenges thrown at me. I’ve learned to accept that. I’m sure my life will consist of uphill battles. And that’s usually the first to overcoming those challenges.

The second thing I’m certain of in my life is me. I know very strongly who I am and what I believe. As a child was always a lot more advanced than my age. I could easily tell you things about what I like and what I hate as a kid. That’s me. I’m a thinker. I’m ambitious. I’m a genius. I’m open-minded. I’m progressive. And there’s so much more. In a life that’s always changing I’m glad to be sure of who I am.

There are many different things that I could be certain of. But those are the two things I’m most sure of in my life. I know there will be challenges to overcome. And I know who I am. I won’t be washed up with the waves and fads of this world. And I won’t ever underestimate the tribulations life throws at me. As long as I know who I am, I can triumph through any adversity. That’s something I can also be certain of. What are you sure of in your life?

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