What are you most excited about in your life right now – today?

Life is full of random surprises. There’s no such thing as a completely normal life. You look around and think everyone’s lives are similar. And from the outside that’s exactly what it seems like. But when you dig into the details it’s a different story. When you get to know individuals and their personal story you realize there is no normal life. We all have unique journeys that we’re put on. My struggles will be completely different than your struggles. And my life lessons will most certainly be much different than your life lessons. That’s the story of life. We are similar but different.

A big part of difference comes in the many ways life surprises us along the way. There are big surprises like finding out you’re pregnant with a child. And there are small surprises like finding out that you’re a super taster. Yes, that’s a thing. It’s a small selection of people that taste things many times stronger than others making them sensitive to many taste profiles. I’m a super taster! But out of all the surprises in life, many times it’s just regular old life that we know. And we often look over the regular life moments we have today. But you have to focus on the positive things in your current life sometimes. So what are you most excited about in your life right now – today?

Here’s a short story about what I’m most excited about in my life right now – today.

I exited out of the Call of Duty video. I was exhausted from watching videos on games. I was just playing the game and now I was watching videos of it on Youtube as well. Talk about obsessed. I decided I would look for some interesting vlogs to watch. As I started scrolling over to the search bar I noticed an interesting video. It read, “$1,000 a day 3 day Shopify challenge!” Now I’m no expert in math but I knew that was exactly $30,000 a month. That’s insane. There’s no way someone could build any business in three days and make that type of money. For once in a long time, there was a video that I just had to click on.

As I started watching the video, I thought for sure it would be some type of scammy course thing. But there was no course. It was a kid, around nineteen years old, younger than me. He started talking about his success with the ecommerce industry. He was making at least eighty thousand dollars a month. I was blown away. He showed screenshots and everything. I immediately felt like an incompetent idiot. “How could I call myself an entrepreneur but I’d never made any type of money like that?” My business Sparketh was doing really well at the time. We were making a lot of growth and headway. But there’s no we’d be hitting those types of numbers anytime soon.

I kept watching the video. How was this kid going to make all of this money right from his luxury condo bedroom. I was starting to believe him more and more as it went. It would take too much work to fake all this. He was the real deal. Ten minutes in he mentioned the business model he was using. It was called dropshipping. I knew I heard that term somewhere else before. I thought for a second. I read a crazy post on Quora about some guy making tens of thousands of dollars in his twenties using dropshipping. He said he blew all his money and the business doesn’t work anymore. I remember just liking the post and sharing with Dwayne years ago. Now I was here watching a video of a kid using it become filthy rich.

I watched the whole video. I learned so much. I watched all his videos. I was amazed. I then went on a huge binge of watching videos about dropshipping. Turns out there was a whole community of young kids making ridiculous money using these strategies. I was so shocked. And the more videos I watched the simpler it became. It made so much sense. But I couldn’t start my own dropshipping store because I was focused on my startup. That was my baby. I had to stay focused on the real goal not a quick money grab. It wasn’t fair. I could do the same that these kids were doing. I’m a great entrepreneur. If they can do it, so could I.

At some point I decided to just do my own challenge. I would build out a store just like the kid in the video in just three days. It was crazy to think about but that was my plan. If I couldn’t do it in three days I would just leave it alone. I followed his video and setup my Shopify site. But three days later I was still stuck on a bunch of random things. I needed a nice logo. I needed to make ad creative and images. I needed to get my card and info setup to collect money. It looked so easy but clearly he was a pro. Instead of quitting, I spent a little bit of time on the side working on it. Two months later I launched the store. It was for men’s clothing. I put out my first ad.

And it didn’t seem like it worked. There was nothing but silence. Then two days later randomly I heard a “Cha-Ching!” It was a sale. Throughout the rest of the day I got more sales. By the end of the week I made about one hundred bucks. It was nice. But then my main business got really business. We had to start travelling on the road and doing content pushes for the year. I had no time at all. The dropshipping business fell to the wayside. Now almost two years later, I’m not finished. I partnered up with Dwayne to build an amazing dropshipping store. And we’ve been working on it together for the last few days. Hands down, that’s what I’m excited for in my life right now.

If I learned anything over the past few years, it’s that Dwayne and Tim are one hundred times more successful when we work together!

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