What are three moral rules you will never break?

We’re born in the world with a blank slate. But as we go, we develop thoughts, feelings, and most importantly morals. Our morals are values that are very strong to us. We live and breathe by these values and it’s a huge part of who we are. But sometimes our morals are challenged, and we break them. What are three morals that you will never break?

Here’s the morals that are important to me and my thoughts on them.

Three morals I would never break are: Death. Betrayal. And Happiness.

These three things are very important things that I have strong beliefs about. Death is something that’s so toxic and evil. I would never ever want to intentionally kill someone else. It’s hard enough trying to kill insects and bugs. Going out of your way to take another person’s life is way beyond the jurisdiction of human beings. I would never do that.

Another moral I have is Betrayal. I would never betray someone that has never done wrong by me. I mean going out of my to decide to screw a friend over. That is beyond horrible and just an absolutely unacceptable way of life. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So I would never break my moral of not betraying the people I care about.

The last and most important moral I have is about happiness. I would never want to sacrifice money or things over my happiness. Happiness can be all we have in life sometimes. I would never want to make a habit of putting superficial things above my own true happiness. It should come first and therefore is an important moral I have.

Those are three of my main morals and values. They are things I believe strongly. I live and breathe by them. And there’s no Tim without these strong morals to act as a foundation of who I am. That’s what I value. I hope I’ll never have to rethink them. But if so, chances are I’m sticking by my morals!

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