What are the primary components of a happy life?

Life is one big long drawn out challenge. There’s an unlimited amount of obstacles and hurdles in the game called life. And nine times out of ten we have to figure out paths through obstacles as we go. There’s no guide on how to live the perfect life with an answer to every problem and situation. And if there is, they’re completely selling you a lie. Nobody knows the perfect answer to every single problem and complication.

Honestly, we’re all just figuring out life as we go. But regardless of how different all lives look, we all hope for one common thing… Happiness. We all strive to be happy and content in the grand scope of our life. And for many, that’s the main thing pushing over hurdle after hurdle. Without your aspirations to be happy would you really go through the rollercoaster of life. The answer’s probably not. But many of us don’t know what happiness looks like. So in your opinion, what are the components of a happy life?

Here’s what the components of a happy life are and my thoughts on them.

There’s many different things we envision when we think of a happy life. Many people are brainwashed by the things we see on tv or in the media. They feed us a story of happiness looking fancy and lavish. They want us to believe true happiness looks something like the life of The Great Gatsby. But in reality in couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t need to be multimillionaires with mansions and yachts that cost a fortune.

We don’t need to have the perfect body with six pack abs or the booty that pokes out at just the right angle. We don’t need to be a nomad on the move travelling from country to country all year long. None of those things will bring us a truly happy life at our core. Of course, you can be happy travelling the world. But the travelling the world isn’t the foundation of that happy life. And the money in your bank isn’t the reason you have a happy life. There’s a couple things that will more likely result in a truly happy life.

Gratefulness. We are always striving bigger, better, and newer in this life. We want the brand new Iphone. And we want the big lavish highrise condo. But while things may cause small spikes in happiness, they don’t create true lasting happiness. And always being in a rush for the best new product will just leave you forever disatisfied. Rather, being grateful for the things and people we have is a great perspective. When we’re grateful we can be happy in the worst of life’s conditions.

Another thing that we need to have a happy and thriving life is stability. Many people like adventure and novelty. It sounds fun to go on a spontaneous trip across the world with friends. But in the long run we all need a little predictability in our lives. If we don’t have a grounds to know a little about what the next day or even hour holds it might cause anxiety. And nobody can be truly happy always worrying where their next meal or place to sleep will come from. We need security to be happy.

The next thing and probably one of the most important to a truly happy life is self-actualization. This is complex concept explained in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is the highest need on the pyramid. In simple terms, we all want to find our purpose. When we live a life without purpose it can hurt us deep in our soul. It doesn’t matter how adventurous or epic your lifestyle is, without purpose you’re just a lost soul. And it’s hard to be happy in this cold dark world without any direction.

So all in all, there’s many things we chase for our happiness. We look to money, travel, and even sexual adventures. But these things are temporary and very fleeting in life. In the grand scope of things, there are more vital things to live a truly happy life. Being grateful is one of the best ways to find happiness in any and every situation. When we have stability we can find peace of mind and find more energy to be joyous. And when we find our purpose in life we can live happily with direction. What do you believe the components to a happy life are?

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