What are some recent compliments you’ve received?

Everybody likes a well placed compliment. It’s something about hearing something nice from a stranger that puts us in a great mood. Yeah, we like compliments from friends and family too. But it’s a completely different experience when someone we don’t know goes out of their way to tell us something nice. It’s even more special when we actually like the person that’s complimenting us. If we have a small crush for that person, it’s like finding out your lifelong celebrity crush just followed you back on Facebook. It might not mean anything in the long run, but it makes a big difference to us in that moment.

So we should keep those compliments in the front of our mind. There will be days when we’re feeling like complete trash. And maybe everyone we meet has something negative to say about us. That happens in life too. And it’s not always going to be a bad thing. Negative criticism is sometimes more valuable than the positive tips people share. But in those moments you want to have something that you can go back to in your mind that makes you positive. So remember all the compliments that really made you smile. And take those and repeat them to yourself when you’re feeling really low. You should probably keep them in your mind rather than say them out loud. But still remember your compliments. So what are some recent compliments you’ve received?

Here’s my thoughts on a few compliments that I’ve received recently.

My friend Oneeka was in the room while I was writing out this post. I didn’t really have any compliments off the top of my head. Maybe I’m not a great person. Maybe I don’t interact with enough peopele. Or maybe I just don’t give off a friendly vibe where people can just walk up and talk about me. So I decided to ask her what she thought was a compliment for me. I know that’s the worst way to go looking for compliments. It’s completely differenty when you go fishing for it. Nonetheless, it was the best I had at the moment. So I asked her to give me a genuine compliment that I could potentially write about. She did a little thinking to herself. That probably means I’m not the easiest person to compliment. After what felt like a year, she came up with the compliment of intellegence. She said she thought I was very intelligent.

I tried to pry and get to the core of the compliment but that blew up in my face. Another compliment I got recently was a nurse at my hospital saying she thought I was very smart. I told her I dropped out of college to start my own business with my best friend. It was definitely an ambitious decision back then. She started telling me about the dissertation she was working on for her doctorate degree. She was interested in the public health area. It was definitely a valuable degree that could be very useful over the next few years. But she needed to get some survey answers for data. I started telling her that she could survey people in Emory hospital where she worked at. Of course there were some skews in bias in that sample audience. I just started shooting out a bunch of suggestions on how she could make the survey unbiased and better representation of Atlanta or the U.S. in general. I think she appreciated those tips because she immediately complimented me saying I was very intelligent.

Those are the two recent compliments that stick out in my mind. Thank you for the compliments Oneeka and Janice!

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