Through all of life’s twists and turns who has been there for you?

We’re bound to go through tough times in life. If we haven’t been pushed to the edge in our past, it’s something that’s virtually guaranteed in our future. And even if you’ve gotten through tough times, it doesn’t mean you’ll be on easy street from there on out. We might fail classes in school that we struggled with all year long. Or maybe we’ll try fighting and clawing up the corporate ladder just to see our coworkers advance past us. And one of the toughest things we all go through is losing the people and things we’ve grown to love in this world. Nobody likes losing a close family member or a lifelong pet.

But these things happen in life. We will live and we will lose. The hard times are part of what makes us who we are. When you get beaten down so many times you learn to build up a tough exterior that becomes a part of your character. But we can’t get through it all alone. Sometimes we need someone to help us pull through those dark times. Sometimes we need a friend to help us see the beauty in life. Sometimes we need a mom or dad to remind us how special we are. Regardless of how strong you are, sometimes you will need help. But we have to remember who is there for us in those tough times. So through all of life’s twists and turns who has been there for you?

Here’s a short story on who’s been there for me through life’s twists and turns.

Life has dished out it’s fair share of twists and turns in my life. One day I’m doing fine and the next day I’m in the ICU on a breathing machine. And the twists aren’t something that just started yesterday. We all deal with twists from the moment we’re born. We can all be certain that life never goes perfectly according to plan. And there are many people that have been there for me in those crazy moments. Dwayne and Enkose have been great friends for me in many of my hardest moments. DeAsia has been there for me in some of my darkest moments. And family like aunts, uncles, cousins, Mama, and my siblings have been there for me in the moments I needed them most. But if I had to choose one person that has always been there, it would be my mom.

When I was laying in the hospital bed as a young kid it seemed like another day. I was in pain hooked up to an IV with fluids. I was bored just watching tv and trying to keep my mind calm. The hospital is like hell for kids. I was there stuck in my mind in what felt like another endless hospitalization. And out of nowhere I tried to start laughing. I couldn’t laugh and I couldn’t breathe. It was the scariest minute of my life. And guess who was right beside me that I waved down. My mom. She immediately got a nurse to come to my room. They rushed to get me an oxygen mask and my mom gave me a big hug.

When I was thousands of miles away from it seemed like another business trip. It was my first time in Texas and we were having fun exploring during our free time. And then in the day we got to work and were selling non-stop for hours on end. It was a lot of work but it was also very rewarding. We broke our sales goal that day. We went out to get dinner and celebrate. Everything was good in the world. But something wasn’t right with me. I went back to the room and started having a panic attack about life, my health, and my goals. Guess who I called. My mom. We stayed on the phone for hours while she told me how much she loved me and believed in me.

When I got the opportunity to meet my business idol, it was an exciting time. I was flown out to Portland, Oregon to meet the man, Mark Parker, himself. It was a special moment spending time in the backyard of Nike. I got to explore the city and learn so much about business. We even visited the Weiden + Kennedy ad agency. They came up with the “Just do it.” campaign. It was so inspiring. Then I got to have a personal lunch with Mark Parker. But at the end he gave me a special gift and a message that touched my heart. I broke down in tears and hugged him. Guess who was standing in the corner wiping up her own tears. My mom.

When I fell in love for the very first time I felt like the luckiest guy on earth. I met a girl that I loved a lot and would do anything for. We spent a lot of time doing fun things and getting to know each other’s friends. We traveled together and tried new exciting things. We met each other’s family and started talking about marriage. It was an amazing rollercoaster of emotions. And to think I didn’t even want to have kids or a family back when I was in highschool. But I changed up my whole life and philosophy for the love of this one girl. And when everything broke down and our relationship ended guess who was there. My mom. She was open and understanding of both parties.

My mom is a special human. She has been there for me through thick in thin. She might be strong-minded but her mind is strong. I trust her judgment and I know she always has my best interest at heart. She has been there for me since birth. She has been there for me when I’m thousands of miles from home. She has been there for me when I disobeyed her and didn’t deserve her support. She has always been there for me no matter the cost. And that’s more than I could ever ask for from anybody. She is my blessing from God himself. My mom has always been there for me.

And that’s why I will always be there for you, Mom. Always.

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