The Secret Beauty of Quitting.

Quitters never achieve anything. That’s what we’re taught growing up our whole lives. And it makes so much sense. If you quit, you don’t give yourself the chance to succeed. But there are different levels to success in the world. There is half-baked success. And there’s true success. One is fool’s gold. And the other is true sense of purpose and satisfaction. We have to be careful to know the difference between the two.

In order to reach the highest levels of success in life you have to be dedicated. You can’t become one of the best in class without truly committing to your craft. The best in the world, that are truly successful all have one thing in common. They care. You have to care about your goals and success so much that it just might consume your entire life. You don’t become the world’s fastest man like Usain Bolt without spending many hours every day running and sprinting. You don’t reach the levels of Kobe or Michael Jordan by just playing a few pickup games every now and then. They put their all into their craft.

Take the story of the World’s First Man To Run A Sub 2 Hour Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge. It’s a feat that no man has ever accomplished in the history of mankind. And it’s no easy feat. He was a runner nearly his entire life. He lived in a small camp in Kenya that would sleep, eat, and run. Nothing else. The years of planning and dedication that it took to get even close to running a 2 hour mile was immense. And even then he failed multiple times. But in 2019, Eliud did what no man could ever do before. He broke his world record for world’s fastest marathon by running it in 1:59:40. He shattered it by nearly twenty seconds.

When we think of legends like Eliud, there is no doubt that his story took discipline. And that means there was plenty of sacrifice. We hear it all the time. It takes sacrifice to reach success. And that’s the truth. Sometimes those sacrifices are the many other things you have to quit. There is no times for drugs, or partying when you have to stay in peak physical condition. Imagine him trying to be the world’s best hot dog eater while trying to be one of the fastest men on earth. It would be counterproductive. Quitting is sometimes the answer.

You have to quit the things you truly don’t care about to focus on the things that you truly do. It’s sacrifice. If I know I’m not a great basketball player, and I care about being the world’s greatest entrepreneur than I quit basketball. And that doesn’t mean I won’t finish out a game with my brother and friends. It means I quit that pursuit of success. And sometimes you do lose the opportunity of success when you don’t take a shot. And sometimes those shots can be red herrings. I could easily put out a mixtape and see if it blows up all over the web. It just might. But imagine the mental torture being forced into being a famous musician when in my heart I want to be a runner. It would suck. And there’s many people in that situation right now.

Because we’re scared to quit. Quitting is okay. Quitting is saying no. It’s saying no for yourself so you can say yes to something else. The fact is, we spend time on the things that matter to us. And that means the inverse is true. Don’t waste time trying to compete in the challenges of fake gold. Don’t throw your hat into the ring of battles you don’t want to win. When we find the courage to quit, it can give us the confidence to succeed where we should. Listen to your heart. Follow your passion. And quit everything else. A strong hard no can often be much more valuable than a half-assed yes. Don’t be a quitter. Be a deliberate quitter.

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