Right now, at this moment, what do you want most?

You’re not always going to get what you want. Life has a funny way of picking and choosing what you will and won’t receive. The things we want the absolute most in life are never given to us immediately. It’s the things we aren’t actively thinking of that are often dropped into our lives. And it makes sense. Everyone would be filthy rich billionaire celebrities if we all got what we wanted in life immediately.

So when we don’t get that new pair of sneakers or lavish apartment it’s not because we don’t deserve it. The world is just instilling balance in the grand scheme of things. But we should still be clear on what we want and desire in life most. When we pick one main want we can focus in on it. You should keep your main desire front of mind so you can get closer to achieving it. So right now, at this moment, what do you want most?

Here’s a short story on what I want most at this moment.

When Dwayne and I started working on Sparketh in college it was an ambitious idea. But we were so excited about the idea that we grabbed whatever we could and got started randomly one day. We were in the middle of the school campus with a camera and a sheet of paper explaining the idea of negative space. That very first course we recorded that day was actually horrible. But we were too focused on getting business done to notice.

We would work on the business every chance we got. We would work on it after classes, in the middle of the night, and all summer vacation. That’s how dedicated we were. Then when we launched the business months later, we got even more focused. We were basically full time working on improving the site, creating new courses and helping our users. And that was back when we only had ten customers signed on.

These days things have been all over the place. I’ve been so sick and in and out of the hospital the last few months. There has been all kinds of ups and downs with the growth of the business. It’s been a lot more failures than wins these last months. And honestly we haven’t been on a solid with schedule in years. I hate that. I miss the old days. I miss the old vigor. The thing I want most in life right now is stability and new found focus on my business. It’s important to me and I don’t think we’ve been treating it that way the last year or two.

But I know we’ll get there if we really zero in, Dwayne!

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