Where do you spend most of your time while you’re awake?

Time is the ultimate equalizer. No matter our associations, backgrounds, or advantages we all get the same amount of time every day. We have to make decisions on how we want to spend that time. Some people will choose to spend it trying to better themselves. Other people will try to spend it enjoying themselves. And others will spend planning, reflecting, or just meditating to be in the present. We all have the same amount of time each day but what we do with that time will determine the output of our lives. If we input productive time we will get progress results. If we input time doing pointless things, we will get pointless results. The main thing that changes the amount of time we each have everyday is how long we’re awake.

The people who spend a lot of time awake are getting a few more hours to live than the people who don’t. The people who sleep in for an extra three hours will be feeling very well rested but that’s three less hours to work with. It’s interesting to see how people take that twenty four hours and use it. You can tell a lot about someone just by auditing the way they spend their time. But you can also tell a lot from where they spend that time. If you’re in the gym two hours a day for 365 days a year than there’s a high likely hood you’re a fit person. If you spend ninety percent of your time in the kitchen, I would be willing to bet you’re good at cooking. You can audit what you’ve been doing with your own life just by seeing where you’ve been most often. So where do you spend most of your time while you’re awake?

Here’s my thoughts on where I spend most of my time while I’m awake.

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Now that it’s behind you, what did you do last week that was memorable?

Every day is a special day. We live in the present so the lives we live will always happen in the current day. Today is the most eventful moment of a life. And today is the most mundane moment of your life. All the exciting things are happening tomorrow while all the memorable things happened yesterday. But in the grand scheme of things, yesterday, tomorrow, and today are all different versions of today. So today is the most important day of our lives. We should do things today that we want for the future and that we’d be happy for in the past. Because the only time to do those things will be today.

Many people spend a lot of time fantasizing about all the great things they want to do tomorrow. In the not so distant future, they’ll start living the life they truly dream of. In a couple of years they’ll take the risk they’ve been thinking about for a decade. Your life isn’t going to work like a global blockbuster movie where everything is epic. But you should be doing things that are memorable in your mind and that you are proud you did. Some of those things can be simple and short like hitting the gym. Other things can be big and bold like asking out your longtime crush. You should always live life and be memorable in some way every day, week, month, and year. So now that it’s behind you, what did you do last week that was memorable?

Here’s a short story on what I did last week that was memorable.

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What stresses you out?

Stress is the enemy of productivity and happiness. Stress is often a byproduct of hard work. And hard work often means you’re being productive. Stress and productivity go hand in hand but also work against each other. Nobody wants to be stressed out every ten minutes. Stress can be really debilitating for most people. We can all deal with a certain level of stress because we’re resilient by nature. We have the ability to deal with tough times. We aren’t easily broken. Our minds our powerful tools and rarely does it ever decide to just throw in the towel. That said, prolonged amounts of unnecessary stress will get to the most strong-willed people.

It’s important to find the things that stress us out and cut them out of our lives. We don’t have to cut everything that stresses out off. We just need to spend a certain amount of energy making sure we aren’t dealing with stress that is optional. And many times we deal with stress that is optional. We can leave that relationship and get our peace of mind back. We can leave that job and find one that is better for us mentally. We can stop indulging in those habits and replace them with habits that calm us down. Stress will always be a part of our lives. It’s going to happen when you’re trying to do big things. You just have to keep your stressors in check. So what stresses you out?

Here’s my thoughts on what stresses me out.

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What could society do without?

We’re born in this world with absolutely nothing. We spend the rest of our lives trying to acquire as many things as possible. We want the coolest looking Tickle Me Elmo toys to play with. We want the freshest clothes to wear with all the Nike sneakers we’ve been collecting. We want to get the fastest luxury car and the beautiful home overlooking the beach. We want stacks and stacks of cold hard cash sitting in our basement. And we want to get the perfect model wife or husband to share it all with. We’re essentially playing “Who can hoard more things: The video game”. Society has conditioned us to find satisfication in acquiring as many things as possible.

But when you start to look around at all the things we’ve garnered, we don’t need it all. We don’t need three hundred pairs of shoes and four different girlfriends. In fact society in general has a lot of things we don’t need. Society doesn’t need millions of guns and the ammunition to use them. Society doesn’t need tens of millions of gas guzzling cars to the point where roads are congested bumper to bumber. Some things that we have actually do more harm than good for us in the long run. We’re just so stuck in the “Get, get, get…” mindset that we are oblivious to the harm. But sometimes all we need is one person to be aware enough to realize that certain things will help us more if we do away with them. So in your opinion, what could society do without?

Here’s my thoughts on what society could do without.

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What is the number one solution to healing the world?

We live in a broken dysfunctional world. When you’re in the midst of everyday life, things may seem functional and efficient. Millions of people wake up on time to get ready for work. They all fall in an orderly line to drive back to back to their job in a streamlined manner. And everyone creates value in their own way for their company which drives progress in society. They all clock out to drive home and get some rest. Then we do it all over again for four more days. That sounds like a well oiled machine. But there’s so much inefficiency within that process. The traffic, underdelivered value, and millions of unemployed people are just a few examples. And that’s just one sector of life.

Life in general has many areas that are broken. And us the people who inhabit Earth, are broken ourselves. We have a lot of traumatic issues that are rarely dealt with. There’s an unprecedented amount of crime for no reason. There’s all kinds of war and destructive tactics being practiced around the world. There’s suicidal events more and more frequently from unnecessary stress. There’s a lot of unfair laws and systems that hold people back from their simple human rights. There’s all kinds of inequality in every human built system that hasn’t been adjusted. Nobody has the answer to all these problems but they are all connected in some way. If you were able to solve the true underlying problem you could effectively address them all in some manner. So what is the number one solution to healing the world?

Here’s my thoughts on the number one solution to healing the world.

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What job would you never do no matter how much it paid?

The job you keep says a lot about you as a person. We might not want to admit but society puts a big focus on judging others based on their work. It’s a common practice at every professional event to ask others what they do for work. It’s like the go to small talk conversation starter. But rather than the casual conversation that it seems like, we automatically judge people based on their answer. It’s almost subconscious and instant to weigh that person’s level of importance. If they say they’re a janitor at a highschool we might think they are struggling, dirty, and incompetent. There’s no way to confirm that simply from a job but it doesn’t stop us from making those assumptions. And if they happen to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we immediately think they live a lavish lifestyle.

Maybe there’s some truth to the assumptions we make when meeting people. The brain is a powerful, analytical tool that is quick to recognize patterns. But it’s not a great habit to judge people based on their jobs. Nonetheless, that’s why we put a lot of thought into our jobs these days. Some jobs we’re eager to jump into because we know it will elevate our social status. Other jobs we want to do because it inspires us and we’re passionate about it. And then some jobs just pay really well. But there are some jobs that we would never do in a million years. We all have our own standards when it comes to jobs we would or wouldn’t do. But you have to have those standards or else you’ll do anything for anyone if they pay right. So what job would you never do no matter how much it paid?

Here’s my thoughts on what job I would never do no matter how much it paid.

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What was the last thing you furiously argued about with someone?

Humans are some of the best collaborators. It’s easy to see a big challenge and break it down into multiple tasks that many people can work on. That has been the key to some of the greatest human accomplishments in general. The Great Pyramids would have been an impossible feat if it wasn’t a group effort. The hundreds of thousands of miles going through cities and towns across the world took teamwork to finish. And no one man could have reached the moon all by himself. The way we work together and collaborate is a huge plus for us. But it comes with it’s own set of challenges. Every person is still an individual at the end of the day.

The same way we can get together and agree on a shared vision, is the same way we can disagree on one. Sometimes the ideas we have don’t align but rather clash with others. In those moments instead of collaboration we foster disagreement and arguments. That’s just a part of normal human interaction. When you’re passionate or feel strongly about something it can be hard to hear others discredit it. There’s a healthy way to deal with disagreement but in the heat of the moment we sometimes just go all out. We argue and scream and act through emotion rather than logic. Sometimes it ends well while most times it’s more destructive. It just depends on how you argue and the nature of the argument. So what was the last thing you furiously argued about with someone?

Here’s a short story on what the last thing I furiously argued about with someone was.

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What makes life easier?

Life is not a cakewalk. This thing called life is the single greatest challenge we will ever face. It might not seem like much of a challenge when you’re partying with friends until 3 a.m. It might not seem too difficult when you’re laying in bed watching Netflix originals all morning long. It might not seem tough when you’re on vacation playing with the warm sand between your toes. But for the majority of us that aren’t trust fund babies we know that’s just a fraction of the picture. And even the rich kids know that’s just a fraction of the picture.

When you have to wake up at four in the morning to rush in to a job you hate everyday, things get taxing. When the love of your life turns around and leaves you in the dust because they want to “experience other things”, life gets tough. When you become so dependent on the drugs you started taking for fun that you can’t even go outside for a walk, things get real difficult. Life is a journey filled with challenges that seem impossible. But there will always be a light through the stormy clouds. Life does get easier. You just have to find the things that make life easier for you and keep them close. So what makes life easier?

Here’s my thoughts on what makes life easier.

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What have you lost interest in recently?

When we’re kids our attention is always fleeting. We jump from from one thing we love to another in the matter of weeks. It’s so bad that sometimes we related the attention span of a kid to that of a goldfish. But things haven’t been getting much better for the older generations. Young adults to seniors are all getting a little more fickle about the things they spend their energy on. We’ve become so used to being entertained all the time that we don’t even know what it’s like to really be bored. But that’s not all. We have been much more selective about the things that we actually care to take part in. It’s no wonder that we lose interest in things much quicker in this day and age. It’s almost impossible to get someone’s true undivided attention.

If you take someone out to dinner, nine times out of ten they’ll be scrolling through instagram. If you go out on a date to a concert, nine times out ten they’ll be recording the whole event. If you go for a roadtrip with the family, nine times out of ten they’ll all be playing the Candy Crush game. Point of the matter is that it takes a lot to keep us interested these days. And because of that, we often lose interest in things over the weeks, months, and years. Some things we needed to drop because they were no good for our lives. While other things were something that was doing more good than bad. You just have to pick and choose which things you want to stay disinterested in and which ones are worth taking a second look at. So what have you lost interest in recently?

Here’s my thoughts on what I’ve lost interest in recently.

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What’s a quick decision you once made that changed your life?

Life is the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure game. Every once in a while a cool adventure falls into our lap just by a strike of luck. However, the majority of time we have to make deliberate decisions in life that create the adventure we go on. We live and die by the decisions we make in life. You can make one smart decision and go from unknown Souncloud rapper to topping the Billboard charts. You can make one bad decision and go from happy family to separated living out the trunk of your car. Decisions are the fork in the road that changes not only our destination but the path we take to get there. It’s our approach to decision-making that shows in the results we achieve in life. Even if we don’t make one big, perfect decision, a lot of small, good decisions can prove very effective.

The problem is many of us aren’t great at decision-making. The way we learn to get better at decision-making is the way we learn most everything else in life. Trial and error. We make the decision to put our finger on the hot stove. We get burned and start crying. Next time we see a hot stove we might make a better decision. Except there’s so many different things that prohibit us from learning that well. There’s temptations, misinformation, and peer-pressure as just a couple that hinder us. We end up making decisions with a lot more factors involved as we grow. We want to impress our friends. We want to be immediately gratified. We use information that isn’t always accurate. And one of the biggest factors on our decisions is time. We often make quick decisions without thinking them through. That can be great or really bad depending on the situation. What’s a quick decision you once made that changed your life?

Here’s a short story on a quick decision that I once made that changed my life.

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