Other than money, what else have you gained from your current job?

It’s crazy how the world works. We all work together to get things done in a productive way. There’s a lot to be done in the world just to keep things running smoothly. And multiple billions of people work together to get things done day in and day out. That’s why education is such an important thing in societies all across the world. Without, education progress and even upkeep could falter. The next generation eventually has to pick up the responsibilities of the generations before them. So we put billions into educating the next generation every year. But it’s up to them to choose their future occupation.

Actually, we all kind have to make the decision of what work we’re going to do in the world. There’s millions of job descriptions that all have very different requirements. Many times the job we choose ends up taking years of sacrifice and work just to get in the door. So it’s a super important decision we all make one day. And every job has a different list of pros and cons that come with it. We just have to take every part into consideration. Business salesman often travel all the time and rarely see their family. On the other hand, some local jobs can keep you stuck in the same city for decades. But one thing is for sure. You gain more from the job you work than just money alone. So other than money, what else have you gained from your current job?

Here’s my thoughts on what other than money I’ve gained from my current job.

It was a normal evening working at an expo in Seattle. Dwayne, Enkose, and I were working our butts off trying to get new customers. It started off really slow and dull. Nobody was walking through our hall. We were just standing there like hawks waiting for someone to walk by. And when they did walk by we jumped on them quickly and promptly. It wasn’t pretty but we started getting in a groove. One person would sign up this hour. Another person this hour. Two people sigup the next hour. Before we knew it we were close to our goals for the whole weekend. Then the next day the whole expo picked up significantly. With people pouring in we hit our goal easily in the first two hours.

We were ecstatic! The goal we thought might have been impossible was hit with time to spare. We kept selling and getting more and more sales. But as the last three hours hit, it slowed down drastically. There was barely anybody except exhibitors in the entire building. Then I knew we weren’t going to be getting anymore sales. I mean sometimes there’s one or two people who run back to the booth at the last second. But we already felt great about what we accomplished, And then of course we’re young and adventurous. So we saw some things that we wanted to do in the city tonight. We made a quick decision to just leave the expo early. And guess what? There was no boss or manager to stop us. We left.

Another time there was a lot of chaos going on in my life at home. Atlanta is an amazing city but it seemed like everywhere I went I had more stress around me. I was having problems with my family about different things and responsibilities. And of course there was relationship problems which can really get your mind scattered. It’s so easy to lose focus on business. And my environment in general was just horrible. My room was a complete mess filled with pizza boxes and fast food bags. I hadn’t gotten work done in at least week by now. It was frustrating waking up everyday and feeling so much pressure and stress all at once. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and go far far away from home. Then of course I was going through personal struggles with my mental health and prescription meds. It was tough.

I made a decision last minute to get some space. I wasn’t getting any work done sitting at home in my trash-filled room so I needed to go somewhere else. I hit up Dwayne my best friend and business partner. We decided we’d go up to Barnes and Nobles to get some work done. It was a nice little refresher to get out of the house for once. We had some inspiring conversations sitting on the two comfy couches by the teen fiction aisle. It felt good to be around some positive and motivating energy for a change. But I didn’t really get any work done. And when I told Dwayne I was in a slump, he said he felt the exact same way. That was very comforting to hear. I never thought that this whole time that I was over here being a bum that maybe he was feeling the same.

So I told him we had to find a change of pace. We both agreed. But how would we change up the pace? Right after this I was going right back home to the same depressing house to lay in the same depressing bed. And of course that would lead to the same exact results. And he said we should just get far away from home for a while. It sounded perfect. But how on Earth would we pull that off? We were just two kids with a tiny little online business. And that was the exact answer. We had an online business. We could work from anywhere in the world. And we have the money in the business bank account. If it’s a work trip, it’s a work expense. So right there on the spot we pulled up Google Flights. We started thinking of some fun and productive states we could go to. And fifteen minutes later we had two round trip tickets to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a month.

That’s insane! I didn’t have to go in to work and ask for days off. I didn’t have to check a bunch of accounts and make a long budget. I didn’t have to look at some kind of work schedule. The only person I needed to make that decision was sitting right across from me. We wanted to get away. So that’s what we did. And it was one of the most productive months I’ve ever had in my life. My current job isn’t a job. It’s an entire lifestyle. And many times that lifestyle can be demanding or isolating. Other times it can be challenging or impossible. But many times my current job offers me so much freedom. A type of freedom that many people wish for everyday. My current job affords me a whole new level of autonomy. And I’m grateful for that job.

Honestly speaking, my job doesn’t give much if any money at all. The lifestyle comes now. The money comes later. Deferred gratification.

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