Is there such a thing as perfect?

We’re all aiming for some type of goal. We wake up and hope for something in our lives to get better. Some people want a better relationship. Some people want a better career. Others want a better family life, more travel, better health and more. We’re all looking forward to some kind of progess.

So we set goals hoping we can one day reach them. But what are we really aiming for? We want the perfect relationship. We want the perfect body and health. Is there even such thing as perfect. Have we been aiming for something that was never really possible. And if so why?

Here’s my thoughts on things being perfect or not.

I wholeheartedly believe perfect is a thing. Perfect is possible. There’s no proof that I have to back that up. And I think there’s no perfect around us because we can’t reach perfect. It sounds crazy ridiculous and discouraging. How could there be a “perfect” but we can never reach it.

Perfect is a level that I think isn’t meant for humans. Of course anything is possible. But I think humans were never meant to achieve everything in a perfect manner. We as humans embody mistakes. There will never be a perfect when you’re dealing with living breathing organisms with true free will.

There may be higher entities, like God or angels that were made perfect. But humans have mistakes engrained in us. Think of all the people that are born with defects, disease, or sickness everyday. It’s a flaw. We’re surrounded by flaw, mistakes, and imperfections. But that’s just okay.

We as humans embrace our flaws. We take the mistakes we’ve made and learn from them. We get better because of them. And we make flaws more attractive and empowering everyday. Think about the tribulations that would come from a perfect world.

There would be no diversity. There would be no challenges. Everything would be the way it should be. There would be nothing to figure out or study. What’s the point of learning a new subject or trying cure cancer when there is no cancer. We wouldn’t embrace our differences. We wouldn’t really need to learn much at all.

Even further more, mistakes and not being perfect leaves room for a more important “p” word. Progress. We can make progress and get better at things because we aren’t perfect. We can learn, practice, and improve. This is simply because we aren’t perfect beings and we won’t ever achieve it.

The concept of perfection is just a fable. It’s just mechanic to inspire and motivate people. We aspire to get better and better each and every day so we can reach perfection. And we do get better each and every day. The perfection will never come. But it doesn’t matter because we’re forever growing and making progress.

And to us humans, improving and getting better will always be more important that achieving perfection. We’re hardwired to want progress. We get an amazing promotion and a week later we’re strategizing for the next one. We run two miles and the next we’re aiming for is three miles. That’s the beauty of our lives.

There is such thing as perfection. But for us humans it will always be out of reach. We will forever be flawed, imperfect, and making mistakes. But that is perfectly fine by us.

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