Is there ever a time when giving up makes sense?

The most successful people are some of the most hard-working and dedicated people. Many people attribute their success to simply being persistent. This applies to all kinds of success whether it’s big or small. Your now happy marriage is a result of a shameless guy being persistent. A bodybuilder’s near perfect physique came from hours of consistent work in the gym. And of course almost all thriving businesses had to push through tough times to reach the good times.

The people willing to stick with their goals are usually the ones to achieve them. But at the same time, it’s useful to be good at giving up at the right times. And many people of great success speak on the value of just throwing the towel. The problem is the thin line between being persistent and being smart enough to give up. Both decisions are one step away from each other and can make or break your results. So ask yourself, “Is there ever a time when giving up makes sense to you?”

Here’s when I think giving up makes sense and my thoughts on it.

Giving up is a big moment and a very important decision. When you’ve put so much time and effort into something it can be hard to justify letting it go. Anyone that is contemplating the thought knows how tough of a question it is. And many times it’s more important of a decision than deciding to start in the first place. Most times you’re liberated by venturing down a new road of starting somethin new. On the other hand, there’s always a lot to lose when quitting something. But giving up can sometimes be the key to more promising growth.

So it’s not a question of if giving up is ever reasonable. I think it’s very reasonable at select times. We’ve see this time and again in many people’s stories of success. Think of the Steve Jobs who was kicked out of his business and he chose not to fight it. He went on a trip of enlightenment experiencing and learning new things. Eventually he was brought back into his company just to make immense strides of innovation leading to outlandish growth. It’s hard to believe he would of spurred that innovation without a fresh perspective on things.

The more important question is, “When is the right time to give up?” This is a much harder question that will result in better insights. The truth is it depends on the person. Some people have the idea that doing things that are difficult is not worth it. That’s a personal preference. I love the challenge. Some people may think spending more than two years on any goal is simply a waste of time. I disagree. I’m willing to work decades for the things I aspire. My requirements for quitting is much higher than most.

But I’m just more interested in pushing through tough obstacles to reach great rewards. And the best rewards are usually at the end of the hardest of journeys. So there’s one thing that is truly a legitimate reason to give up on anything. When the value or pros of that thing outweighs the cons or downsides of working for it, you should give up. This is a simple formula that’s been used many times before. It’s a pros and cons list.

When the cons outweigh the pros, it’s time to give up. That’s the simplest explanation. But many factors should be taken into consideration. For example, growing a business is hard. It means late nights, loneliness, anxiety, physically demanding work and more. But some of those things might be a pro. I’ll be less dependent on others and learn a lot about my craft and more. So I’m more inclined to stay an entrepreneur my whole life. The growth found on the uphill battle is always worth it.

The biggest and most serious cons are what I look out for. The first con is physical health being neglected or detiorating. I only get one body in this life. And that body is not easy or cheap to keep healthy. Anything that seriously jeopardizes my health is something I must sadly give up on. The second thing is just as important. My mental health and peace of mind. If something is making you unhappy to the point of major depression, it’s time to let go. That’s what makes giving up not just a smart decision, but the best one. What do you think?

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