Is the reward worth the risk?

Life is built on the concept of balance. There is a push and pull to pretty much everything we do. There are good days and there are bad days. There’s the dark and the light. With just darkness we’d die. With constant sunlight we’d die. That’s just the way things go. If you don’t find balance in life, you’re often taken to extremes that will cause things to break.

The world is in harmony when there’s balance in everything. This rule is the same for things like risk. We have to balance risk and reward to make sure we live a fruitful life. Too much risk and we’ll end up burning ourselves many times. Too little risk and we’ll find ourselves with little to no rewards in the long run. Those are both options that are undesirable. The best option is when you know there’s a balance between both. So, is the reward worth the risk?

Here’s my thoughts on if the reward is worth the risk.

We’re always in pursuit of the greatest rewards in life. We want to be rewarded with great things that we’ve always dreamed of. We want the big fancy house on the hill overlooking the beach. We want the hundred thousand dollar sports car that flies off the starting line. We want to be the perfect popular kid with all the perks of being a social butterfly knowing all the right people. There’s always a reward out there we would love to have.

But there’s so many risks that are scattered throughout life. Everyday we wake up we face hundreds if not thousands of risks. We could stub our toe. We could fail our tests and be regarded as dumb. We could pee our pants in school and be that kid. I was actually that kid back in middle school all because my teacher wouldn’t allow me to go to the restroom. It was horrible. But there’s so many risks that we couldn’t possibly prepare ourselves for every single risk in life.

If we went outside trying to combat every possible threat, we’d go insane. We might as well walk around fully wrapped in bubble wrap our whole lives. It’s just not practical. So we have to pick and choose the risks that we’re willing to take and not take. We have to pick and choose the risks we’re willing to ignore and not ignore. And we have to choose which rewards we really want to acquire in the long run. So it’s super important to ask ourselves if the risk worth the reward.

In my case, the risk is worth the reward because the reward is the risk. I’m not working on so many things in life because I’m fascinated by a lavish life. I’m perfectly content with the things that I have around me in my life. I’m easy to satisfy personally. And the ambition to be a multimillionaire is way more than enough to live a lifestyle I’m comfortable in. I’m also interested in being a top business executive known worldwide. But that’s not something I need.

I am happy with just the ability to work on new and interesting ideas. I love the thought of the journey and winning against all odds. If there was no challenge, chances are I wouldn’t feel challenged. And if I’m not challenged, I’m not interested. So I’m intrigued by the risk of creating a business, a reputation, and a lifestyle from scratch. The reward is getting the chance to do that work and push myself to accomplish a big lofty goal.

Everybody fails sometimes. And I’m not afraid of failing. I’m afraid of not being able to do what I love. And I love building businesses and improving things in the world. I will take the risks day in and day out. No shame, debt, business failure will ever scare me from doing what I love. The reward is too great. I love the risk and I love the challenge. The risk is worth the reward because the reward is the risk and the challenge. That’s my reality. Is your risk worth your rewards?

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