Is it possible to lie without saying a word?

Liar, liar pants on fire!

Everybody hates liars with a passion. We’ve been trained since grade school to bash those who choose to decieve others. But somehow, we find ourselves lying more and more as we get older. We lie to make people feel good. We lie to protect our pride. We lie just for the fun of it.

And that’s sad. Yes white lies may make for a more conflict-free world at times, but the truth is such a powerful thing. The truth adds so much more value to our lives and the people around us. Nonetheless, we find more and more ways to lie. But is it really possible to lie without saying a word?

I think so. Why? Well, because anythings possible these days. You can sign the words and tada! You just lied. End of story.

Just kidding. Let’s think more of can you lie without communicating words? Whether written, spoken, or signaled, it doesn’t matter. And to that question I say no.

Many people may disagree, but I don’t think omission of the truth is lying. I don’t think choosing not to say something is lying. It is surely not trustworthy but definitely not lying. When you choose to plead the fifth, you are not lying. It can be seen as shady, but you aren’t saying things that aren’t true. You aren’t going our of your way to deceive another person. Those things are lying.

Things of all the weird, random things that have happened to you in life. Losing your virginity. Getting in a fight. Killing that guy for no reason. Hopefully, you haven’t actually killed a guy for no reason. Now imagine your mom came and proclaimed you’re a liar! You say why. And it’s because you didn’t tell her the hundreds of random stories that you could of told her.

We all have knowledge, things we know, and stories in our head. But we don’t have to share all those things.

Don’t be someone who lies all the time. Don’t be someone who’s quick to self sabotage. Don’t be someone who witholds the truth. But don’t be someone who unnecessarily convicts themself.

You aren’t lying when you don’t speak. But it doesn’t really matter because the truth always reveals itself.

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