Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

The truth will set you free. Everyone says this. The truth is powerful and sets everyone free from the burden of not knowing. It sets the liars and deceivers free from the guilty conscious weighing on them. And the truth sets the misinformed free from prohibiting others and themselves from further growth and knowledge. The truth is a blessing.

We can all agree on this. So we’re all searching and looking for the truth in our lives. The hard part is finding the truth. The truth is not dropped in our laps. Many times it takes years of searching until we discover the true truth. And many times false truths appear and mislead us. So how do we discover truth? Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

Here’s what’s possible with knowing the truth and my thoughts on it.

The truth seems so obvious in life. It makes sense that gravity is a real thing. That’s the truth. What on earth would be keeping us stuck to the floor? That’s such an obvious truth. But that’s all in hindsight. When we’re in the dark it’s difficult to find the truth. It’s just not as simple to notice.

There’s many people in the world now that think the earth is flat. The truth is that the earth is completely round. There’s no such thing as a flat earth. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t work in the world of physics that we know. We should of surely been able to fly to the edge and see it by now. That’s never happened. The truth is the earth is round.

But to all the flat earthers out there, their truth is that the world is flat. They believe that is the simple and obvious answer. They look at us round earthers as the ones who are completely in the wrong and ignorant. And that’s their perogative. We can’t say the truth is easy to see when there’s no real way to prove or understand it.

That’s why I think the only true way to understand the truth is to challenge it. You can’t find something and then just take it as truth. That’s a flawed way to see things. That will only lead to many different camps with many different truths. That doesn’t work out well for the real truth. That’s exactly what is happening in the whole falt earth movement.

And while this may seem like harmless disagreements, that’s not the case. The very idea of the truth is that there is one clear and true answer. When you have many different people preaching different and opposing points, then there is no truth. Multiple opposing truths simply means no truth. And at the point we might as well get rid of the whole concept of a truth. It’s just your opinion against mine.

That’s why potential truths have to be challenged. That’s how we gain knowledge and understanding as to why something is factually correct. Then we can be more intelligent about the truth. And that’s perfectly fine. There’s no harm with challenging the truth. The truth will always stand true. It’s either the truth stands strong against any challenge or it just isn’t the truth. Either way, we’re more knowledgeable and informed because of it. The truth is the truth is meant to be challenged!

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