Is it more important to do what you love or to love what you are doing?

Life flies by in the blink of an eye. And we’re forced to think and act at the speed of life. So when we should be taking the time to think thoroughly, most people just do. In the same blink of an eye, we decide our career, our life’s work, and who’ll love. That’s a lot of important decisions.

We have to take some time to think a little more about what we’re doing. The decisions we make change our life day in and day out. Next thing you know you’re not doing what you love or doing what you don’t love. So it’s important to not let this happen. But what’s more important, doing what you love or loving what you’re doing?

Here’s my thoughts on it.

They’re both super important, doing what you love and loving what you do. It can make the difference between a life full of resentment and a life well lived. Nobody wants to be full of regret years down the line. And it’s nobody’s responsibility except our own.

So we should take the time to do one of the two. But honestly, they’re both exactly the same. They both result in you doing and loving something. And that’s the main point. That you will most likely be much happier in life if you choose to do what you love and love what you do. That’s the best answer, both.

But there’s a bigger difference between the two. One is going to leave you doing exactly what you want and love immediately. The other is going to have you loving the things you’re already doing. And that’s actually pretty significant. I can’t say specifically one is the best. But what I can say is it depends on the person.

For example, if you want to be happy as much as possible, then you should do what you love. You will always find enjoyment doing things you know you love. It will make you happy and feel fulfilled all the time. If you want that constant happiness and fulfillment in what your work, then doing what you love is more important for you.

On the other hand, if you’re less concerned with always being happy but you love growth, then love what you do. You can do things both old and new, but you’ll always find some type of enjoyment in it. You’re not limiting yourself to exactly what you know you love. You’re the person brancing out, but finding joy in new things and expanding your mind to grow and sacrifice some happiness.

Ultimately, it just depends on the person and what they want. I know I love progress so self growth and finding love in new things is most important for me. Whereas, someone else could just care to always be happy as much as possible. There’s no definite answer. But whichever you choose, either one will be better than doing none!

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