In your lifetime, what have you done that hurt someone else?

We all want to see happiness and fulfillment from the people around us. But many times we our approach is unrealistic when it comes to dealing with others. Some of us do whatever we can to make someone else happy. And it’s even worse we compromise our own happiness for someone else. The more realistic approach is realizing that we can’t make everyone happy.

We have to choose our battles wisely. Somebody somewhere will be hurt because of your decisions. Sometimes it’s just a casualty of participation. And we’ve all been hurt by someone else’s actions. So all you can try to do is relate to the people you hurt and lead with empathy. So ask yourself, “In my lifetime, what have I done that hurt someone else?”

Here’s what I’ve done that hurt someone else and my thoughts on it.

As a kid everything isn’t black and white but this was one of those times that I knew was wrong. When I woke up this morning I was excited. I was in my favorite house with people liked. But it was only going to get better because people I really liked were coming by. All my close family was supposed to be at my house in a few hours. It was going to be an eventful night.

Little did I know, eventful could be a good or bad thing. We were all eating and talking about life. I told my cousins about my health and they filled me in on funny highschool stories. Then most of the parents decided to go on a quick trip. Maybe they were headed to the store or maybe they went out to party. Either way it was 10+ close cousins that we’re all under the age of 21. And as soon as the adults left, we came up with an idea to play a giant game of telling stories.

So we made a huge circle all sitting criss cross applesauce in the middle of the living room. And it was all going well until my turn came around. I was really young like maybe twelve or thirteen. And I’m sure I was insecure and nervous about speaking in front of so many people family or not. But I sucked it up and started telling my story. But then one of my older cousins, Shavaughn started laughing and teasing me about my story. I asked her to stop but she was the elder.

She was bigger, stronger, and older than me. Everyone was laughing at me and I hated the feeling. I got so upset that I ran into the kitchen. Everyone thought I was leaving to hide but they were wrong. I came back two seconds later with the biggest kitchen knife I could find. As I started walking towards Shavaughn everyone was in shock. And she started screaming at the top of her lungs.

I waved the knife around while demanding she stopped laughing at me. When everyone stopped laughing I looked down at my hand and I realized that hurt my cousin. But I didn’t only hurt her, I hurt all the other ones trying to have some playful fun. And I hurt the family when I brought violence into the equation. My parents and Grandma had a long talk with me about that night. But even without their thoughts, I know I hurt a lot of people and I want to take this moment to apologize again for a naive, explosive decision that could of ruined many lives.

I could only imagine what could of happened that night. I could only imagine what went through Shavaughn’s mind at that moment. I could only imagine what went through my families minds seeing that image. But I know it’s something I can never undo. I hope to never hurt my family or anyone else like that again. We make mistakes. And that’s a mistake I never want to happen again. I’m sorry to everyone.

I love you Shavaughn!

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