In one year from today, how do you think your life will be different?

Things are always changing around us. Life is in motion. Things can never be static in life. At any given moment things are growing or dying. You can be moving forward closer to your goals or backwards closer to where you started. We should always remember that we are in motion. It’s the truth everywhere you look. The tiny atoms that make us has electrons flying around the nucleus. All the way to the giant Earth we call home that is always rotating on it’s axis. Life is motion. So when we go from one day to the next things have changed. Sometimes it’s for the better and other times it’s for the worst. But there’s no denying that it changes.

Many people can look around at their current life and see all the change that has happened. I’m three feet taller than I was when I was in elementary school. My voice is deeper and there’s hair growing on my face. I live in a different state in a completely different house. The things I do and think about are completely different. Our lives are always changing. And that’s a good thing. That means there’s always potential to improve with time. It’s easy to see how the change has happened over the years. But all the new change exists in the future. Most people don’t think about how their life will change in the future. Our lives are almost certain to be completely different in as little as one year. You just have to keep it front of mind to be in control of that change. So in one year from today, how do you think your life will be different?

Here’s a short story on how I think my life will be different in one year from now.

When I was in college there was so much going on at any given time. There were a million and one classes to attend every single week. I had to complete assignments and make sure I studied for all my tests. There were so many different amazing clubs to join. There were frats and sororities. And of course the college held a bunch of really cool events. On top of that I was interested in business. I was interested in becoming an engineer. I was interested in film and videography. So there was so much to get lost in at any given moment. I was split between a million and one things. And that’s usually the story of most people. We’re trying to be so many different things to so many different people. And we care about them all.

But in the long run we end up being nothing to everyone. And that’s what I started to realize. I told my best friend that I didn’t want to work on our really cool t-shirt line anymore. Despite how cool it was and how much work we put in to go create our very first prints. I told my business partner that there was no point in trying to build out this art gift business anymore. We put a whole week’s worth of work into building out the site but we got no traffic. I guess it takes more to start a business than just posting a few times on Facebook. I told my college friend that we didn’t need to try and build out this game app anymore. It was the perfect idea that was perfectly timed to ride the huge trend of Flappy Birds. But if we were getting screwed over working with other entrepreneurs than maybe we needed to work on something alone.

And that’s exactly what we did. I told him enough is enough. We need to settle down and focus in one single idea that we truly believe in. And we chose the idea of Sparketh. It was a great idea and super cool in theory. Everyone loves creative subjects but we could narrow it down to one we know really well. Dwayne was great at art so we picked art. And of course there was so much more to launching this business than a few posts. We could build up a pre-launch list and get people excited. And there was a specific market of people that needed this product to teach their kids art. Homeschool parents would be the perfect market. And we didn’t have to rely on anyone else to try and quickly build it to ride trends. We could simply teach the art courses and record them by our two lonesome.

So we got straight to work doing that. Dwayne designed a bunch of really cool art courses and decided the best way to teach concepts. I mapped out a really cool template for how we would structure the videos. There would be a casual intro with colors and materials flying everywhere. And then it would settle in to Dwayne sitting at a clean white desk teaching the art concepts. We grabbed a camera and some art supplies one day and we got to work. There was no real rules or guidance as the right or wrong way to do things. We just hit record and figured out a lot of the problems as we went. Who knew that audio outside on a college campus would be super muffled with a lot of background noise? Who knew that we’d need to build out a site and figure out how to lock access to each video?

There were so many problems and challenges to overcome but we put our heads down and worked hard. There were a million and one reasons to stop and give up. Instead we decided to double down and put our all into the business. I made a hard commitment to build out the business and create something special. I dropped out of college and made Sparketh my “Plan A”. There was no backup plan. It had to work against all the odds. And everytime things got tough there was a strong tempation to give up and start something new. But we knew that we had to make the commitment to this one idea. We couldn’t go back to the clutter. If we wanted progress and growth we had to learn to stick with our ideas. So we put every other idea on the backburner. And it was hard to put a lot of great opportunities to the side.

Ultimately, we never knew if could create anything special. There was a chance that none of it would work out. There was a chance that we would never launch a real business with real customers. But we had faith and put action behind it. We put our money where our mouths were. And one year later we launched Sparketh at one homeschool expo in Atlanta. It was an intense moment but we ended up making our very first twenty five dollars at that expo. And we left there with ten whole customers for a product that was not even 50% complete. But people bought into us and the vision. And we’ve stuck with that idea ever since. Now I’m here thinking of all the big things we want to accomplish and it seems impossible. But in one year I believe we’ll hit close to a million dollars in revenue from our businesses.

I know it’s possible, Dwayne. We just have to stay focused, bro. Our time is coming!

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