In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with your mother?

They say you know your mother’s voice as soon as you’re born. That’s a really special feat for a small baby to do. I mean at birth babies can’t speak, see, or walk. But they have such a close bond to their mother that they can surely recognize her voice. That is special. And it just goes to show how special the mother child bond can be. Mother’s can be super influential in the development of a child. And that goes for more than just the adolescent years. As adults we still learn, adapt, or grow in some ways because of our mothers. They can inspire us to be anything in the world. They can be the person that picks us up when we fall down and embarass ourselves. They can be the person that teaches us how to treat a woman or love a man.

Mothers are a special part of the human experience and their influence in our lives is unmatched. But the same way mothers can be encouraging and a positive influence in our lives, they can be a negative influence. All it takes is a childhood with a mother missing for a child to grow up with a completely different view of the world. Mothers can also have negative influences on us by being a bad example of how to love. There’s so much going on in a child, mother relationship at any given moment. And nobody will truly know what your mother means to you like you do. But you can always share in a simple and succinct way. So in one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with your mother?

Here’s a short story that can explain the one sentence I would use to describe my relationship with my mother.

First of all, this clearly not going to be just one sentence. If it was going to be, that last sentence was a pretty bad one to explain the relationship I have with my mom. It’s not that dry haha. But I want to write my full post while still answering the question the way it is asked. So I’ll write some stuff about my mom and at the end, I’ll sum it all up with one simple sentence. And instead of one long story, I’ll just share a couple that tell you a little about my relationship with my mom. Hopefully this all comes together well at the end with the sentence I share. If not, disregard everything you read before you get to the one sentence. Because regardless of my writing, truth is I adore my mother with all my heart. But I know being such a bad writer could get in the way of expressing that. I mean I literally spent the whole first paragraph talking about what I’m going to write. That’s sad. I’m done, let me share the stories of my amazing mom.

I was in elementary school at the top of my class. I know it’s not a huge deal but I took it seriously. I would get A’s on every single assignment. I mean every single assignment for at least two years. It was a great feeling being validated at such a young age. Granted I was just, copying words in cursive or repeating a times table. Then one day, my teacher gave us back a homework assignment that we turned in earlier in the week. I was shocked when I saw I had a big fat “B” on the front. It didn’t’ make any sense. I was on the bus scouring the pages trying to figure out where I messed up. And there was no excuse. I just made a couple mistakes. When I got home I bust out in tears because I felt I let my mom down. I was distraught but she said, “Don’t cry over a mistake. If you’re the best, it will show eventually.”

That was a moment I will never forget. I felt like all my value and self purpose was gone. And I was only kid back then. But my mom was there to make me feel better and to go even stronger in the years after. I remember another time that I was horribly sick and in pain across the country. I was in so much pain that my friend, Dwayne had to rush me to the hospital. I was scared because I haven’t had a pain crisis this bad in almost two years. It was intense and my friend was there but he did know exactly how to handle it. I always tried to act strong in front of friends and strangers. My mom, DeAsia, and my grandma were the only people I really let all my true pain out with. But I was stuck across the world in this horrible situation laid up in a hospital with a doctor trying to explain Type 2 Heartblock to me. Then the next morning, my mom walked right in the room with DeAsia and hugged me.

I felt a huge sense of relief. Then there was the time that I was going through tough times at college. Some days I was sick in pain. Other times I was just lonely. It was stressful being thrown into college all alone with all the challenges I had. It was hard to acclimate and get into a rhythm where I felt truly independent. My mom was busy working out of state while I was in Kennesaw, Georgia feeling lost in the world. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Why was I even in college?” I was having a panic attack. I called my mom and she talked with me about the whole thing. She told me that we all go through different journeys in life but we’ll all find our way. The very next night I was thinking about what she said and how much I appreciated her support. Then she called me and said she was ten minutes away from showing up at my college. I smiled. She spent the night and slept on my dorm room floor.

And then there was a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I was just a small kid. I was in the hospital for a bad pain crisis in my chest. I didn’t really think anything of it. I was just enjoying my time not in school getting to watch tv all day. But as I was staring lifelessly at the tv, I started getting short of breath. I tried to take a deep breath and couldn’t breathe. It felt like my whole chest was tightening and I couldn’t get any air. I started flailing my arms and twitching my head trying to get a gasp of air. My mom looked over and screamed my name. She knew something was wrong and ran to get a nurse. They immediately put an oxygen mask on me and watched as my o2 sat signs slowly went back up. In that short moment it felt like certain death, but my mom was there to support me.

That’s why my one sentence to describe my relationship with my mom is…

My life support in a world of certain death.

My mom is always there to support me when I need it the most. She is the foundation that my happiness, success, and peace of mind is built on. I don’t believe I would be half the man I am today without the unconditional love and support my mom has given me throughout my life. I’ve had every reason to fail but with her by my side I know we can only succeed. I love her a million and hope to support her in the way she has supported me. I know, like my siblings, friends, and even acquaintances know that she truly deserves it. And if there’s even a .0001 chance that I can give her the world, I won’t stop until I succeed.

I love you, Mom. Death is nothing when you have life, and support.

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