If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But honestly, you can learn a lot about a book from it’s cover. You can judge the contents all by one simple glimpse at the title. Sometimes with a really well designed book you can envision the whole story. The one thing you must always open a book for is to see how it ends.

That’s pretty similar to life in some ways. We can easily judge people by our first impressions. And nine times out of ten we’re spot on with who that person is and what they value. The bad part is when we think that person will stay that way. In reality, life is too dynamic to know where we’ll each end up. But regarding yourself, what would be the title of your life novel and how do you envision the story ends?

Here’s what I think the novel of Tim Samuel is titled and how it would end.

This is a very unique question that I’ve always struggled with. But life is such a complex thing that this question suits it very well. Life is encompassed of many different paths. And we experience so many unique things that teach us life lessons. But still, any life fulfilled could be summed up into one succinct title.

The title of my novel would be simple… Against all odds, Greatness. That’s a powerful and poetic title I know. But I think it would be perfectly fitting for my life. There’s so many reasons why I love it more and more when I think about it. And that’s the title that just came to the top of my mind.

It’s perfect because I was born with the odds against me. I was meant to be held down. Whether it’s the devil, the competition, or just pure haters somebody’s praying on my downfall. And that’s okay because once upon a time it affected me. I couldn’t push myself to do and be great in life.

But as my life went on, I learned many lessons. And one of the most important, was that nothing great comes easy. Diamonds are made under immense pressure. I realized my full potential. Or at least a fraction of it. Now I know I’m destined for greatness. And I think that greatness will come, truly against all odds.

As far as what the end of the book holds, there’s a twist. I love twist endings but this one would be more than just a good plot twist. It would be an enlightening moment for the reader to learn the truth about a successful life. After my tribulations, the novel would end with me reaching true greatness at once and for all.

But that greatness would come not from money or fame but rather from within. I would find happiness in the little things. I would find joy in my day to day life. I would live for myself not the world. And would reach a state of nirvana. Content with a life well lived. Greatness achieved against all odds. That’s my life in a book. Would you read it?

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