If you looked into the heart of your enemy, what do you think you would find that is different from what is in your own heart?

Everybody’s either with you and your ambitions, or completely against. That’s how we treat people some times. We’re quick to declare someone as a hater if they disagree with our thoughts or ideas. That’s quite arrogant of us. Most people don’t care enough to be your hater. But every once and a while we will meet a true hater. Someone who is a straight up enemy to you.

We curse this person up and down with every breath in our lungs. We exclaim how they’re wrong and how everyone should hate them with a passion. But maybe fighting our enemies head on makes the problem worse. We should approach enemies with an open mind trying to understand their heart. That’s the mature empathetic choice. What do you think is truly different in your enemies heart from yours?

Here’s my thoughts on it.

Enemies are really a rare thing in life. They aren’t frequent in my life at least. When you think about it, enemies are pretty passionate people. They’re dedicating hours if not days to hating you and everything you do. They’re often expending a certain amount of energy trying to add as much negativity in your life as possible. It’s akin to how it takes more than double the muscles to frown rather than smile.

Who has the muscles for that? Better yet, who has the time and energy for that? Your enemy does. That’s why it’s hard to say who in my life is truly an enemy. I don’t think I have anyone that dedicates that much energy into hating me. Maybe I’m just not worth it. They wouldn’t get much reaction or hate in return.

But I’d like to believe it’s because I lead my life in a way where I don’t give people a reason to hate me. On the same note, I’m not living my life walking on eggshells scared to offend any and everyone. I live for my happiness above all else, not to please every single person.

And that’s exactly what I think would be the difference between me and my enemies heart. Hypothetically, my enemy would have a lot of hate in their heart. Something would be bothering them in their life. It would be more to it than me stealing their parking spot at a crowded concert. Somewhere in their life they would be harboring negativity.

There’s negativity in my life sometimes too. Sometimes the negativity is created by me when I’m having a bad day. It’s easier to hate someone when you’re already in a bad mood. So someone who is dedicated to hating me consistently must regularly have negativity in their life. That’s what would be fueling their hatred towards me and others.

But I don’t think that would be the main difference between our two hearts. I think it would be less important what they have in front of them. Rather, I think it’s the lack of what they have. I’m too focused on reaching my goals, bettering myself, and being happy to hate others. My enemy would most likely be lacking that direction.

When you’re trying to foster positivity and happiness in your life, you don’t focus on hating someone else. It’s counter-productive. So I would bet my money that my, and everyone else’s enemies lack happiness in their heart. And they lack the goal, direction, and ambition to have a truly happy life. That’s the difference between me and my hypothetical enemies. But I hope everyone finds that happiness one day.

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