If you left this life tomorrow, how would you be remembered?

The end is an inevitable fact. Everything in life comes to an end at some point. We are not immortal beings. Many of us ignore this fact. We live life like there will be no end for us. We take outrageous risks and we ignore the things that are important and time sensitive to us. This can lead to major regrets and insecurities at the end of our life.

But some people are much more proactive about death. We take the time to think about what we should spend our time and energy on today so we won’t regret things tomorrow. That’s great. But another way to find things important to us is thinking about the legacy we will leave behind in the world. So we should often ask ourselves, “If I left this life tomorrow, how would I be remembered?”

Here’s how I think I would be remembered and my thoughts on it.

There’s no real way to know what people will think of you when you’re gone. The only time we will know definitively what people remember, is when you’re actually gone. So we can only make educated guesses while we’re here alive. But ultimately there’s no right or wrong answer. The answer is more about how we hope to be remembered in the world.

It’s a very conceited thing to think about. But I believe it’s a great habit because it can help us focus on things that add value and satisfaction to our life. That’s something many people struggle with. We’re all constantly being nagged and distracted in life. I think the narcissistic nature of asking yourself how you’ll be remembered is worth the value. In reality, it’s precarious to even think we’ll be remembered after death at all.

All those things aside, I must be remembered in some way. My natural inclination is to think of all the positive things about me. I’m very smart and always trying to learn something new. Maybe I’ll be remembered as a genius. I’m helpful and love solving other people’s problems. Maybe I’ll be remembered as an inspiration. I’ve always been sick but somehow never lived within limits. Maybe I’ll be remembered as a fighter.

That’s all wishful thinking. Chances are I won’t be remembered in any of those ways. I won’t be talked about as a fighter, an inspiration, or a genius. The true way I think people will remember me, is as delusional. They will think Tim was delusional about what was possible in life. He was arrogant and cocky. He was absolutely crazy and unrealistic. That sounds more aligned with how people might see me.

The truth is, all of my actions and thoughts strongly support those things. I was born with sickle cell disease but I’m constantly on the move trying to outwork myself. I try wild and outlandish diets and workout plans. Who am I to think I could accomplish so many things. I’ve always thought I was special and one of a kind. Why me though? I’m delusional. I think that almost anything is possible in this life. That’s insane.

We’re all just humans. And I’m no special than anybody else in the world. If anything, I have a lot of factors working against me. Yet, I wake up everyday trying to accomplish goals that are larger than life. I didn’t finish college but I want to impact millions of students around the world. I’m no millionaire yet, but I’m trying to inspire and motivate thousands of people to reach greatness. Tim was fun, cool, and funny. But most of all Tim was delusional. That’s how I think I’ll be remembered, regardless of the day I pass.

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