If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

The world is nothing without the dedicated people who commit to being teachers. Knowledge isn’t just instantly transferred from one person to another. (At least not in this reality.) The next generation can only be as good as the teachers that teach them. And that in itself is a huge responsibility.

But there are many people who wouldn’t choose to teach in a million years. Not because of pay, or dealing with rebellious kids, but rather because they don’t have the confidence. They don’t think they’re intelligent enough to teach others. But I think everyone has the capabilities to teach something.

If it were me, there’s a few things I might teach.


For some reason, I love math and everything about it. Even as a child I always thought it was the best of all subjects. It’s so black and white with concrete correct answers. Subjects like language arts can be so subjective, and math is the complete opposite. And it’s an important thing to learn that truly does apply to the real world.

I think with my passion for math and a little imagination I could make math a super fun subject. I’ve had a handful of teachers in highschool that really knew what they were doing. That would be my go to for inspiration but I’d surely have to brush up on my calculus and statistics.

Building a business

One of the most exciting projects I’ve embarked on has been starting my own business. Many people look at it as a chore and something very stressful to do. And while building a business can be super stressful, it’s one of the most rewarding things too. Personally, I find it comes naturally to me and I have always been interested in entrepreneurship.

I think I could teach anyone how to build they’re own business from scratch, given enough time. It’s really something that I think I was meant to do. And it’s definitely not for everybody. But I think everybody should try growing a company or even launching a side hustle. I think I would be very well qualified to do just that.


There’s something so mystical about being a magician. You have the power to blow people’s mind at any moment. More people are learning about magic than ever before. And it’s great. Even if you don’t chase being a magician as a career path, you will always be able to leave a lasting impression on people.

Once upon a time I would do magic tricks on the daily. Performing at school, for family, and event at some private events. I’ve learned a lot over the years and think I could teach someone a trick or two. It’s always satisfying see people look shocked when I breakdown the secret to a trick. It would surely be one of the most exciting things to teach.

These are some of the things I would teach right now. They’re all different and add different value to the people learning. But if I had to choose one, it would be teaching entrepreneurship. It’s a true passion of mine and something enjoy sharing.

These days I share my thoughts and tips for business on instagram. That is my way of teaching. What is yours? Because no matter the subject, no matter the medium, we’re all teaching something to someone.

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