If you had to move 3000 miles away, what one thing would you miss the most?

Life is always moving forward. And there’s always so much going on at any given moment around the world. But as individuals we can only experience one moment at a time. And many times where we are in the world, determines what we experience in the world. The environment and place we live is usually going to define ninety percent of our experiences and lifestyle. That’s why the rich choose to live in rich neighborhoods. They will likely have more luxury experiences there.

On the other hand, some people live in tougher and harsher conditions. And some people with the option to visit different places in the world don’t take advantage of it. The world is so vast that we can learn something new in every new setting. But we have to be willing to take the risk of being somewhere new to let go of somewhere old. And sometimes much of the success we find in life is from changing our environment. But the first step is knowning how to let go of your current environment. So if you had to move 3000 miles away, what one thing would you miss the most?

Here’s a short story on what one thing I would miss the most if I moved 3000 miles away.

The last time I was nearly 3000 miles away from home I was in Seattle. To be exact Google says it’s 2,638.7 miles away from Atlanta. So it was close enough to 3000 miles. But it wasn’t my first time in Seattle. The last time I was up in those neck of the woods of the U.S. I had an amazing time. My two best friends Dwayne and Enkose were with me. And we were all experiencing it for the first time together. The food, the air, the people and everything was amazing. I actually fell in love with the place.

But for whatever reason, this trip was the exact opposite. It wasn’t so much anything horrible about Seattle. Instead, it showed me what I was truly missed being so far from home. When I was laying in my room the first night, it was a little hard getting settled. Dwayne and I were staying with our friends that hosted us in their home the first time in Seattle. And the house was nice. But personally I could never figure out which side of the bed to sleep on or if I wanted to be under or over the covers.

Eventually, I fell asleep in some weird position without the covers but leaving the windows open. I was twisting and turning all night. I woke up in the morning with some pain in my back. The open window made the whole place so cold at night. That’s never a good thing for my sickle cell disease. But I knew how to handle some basic back pain. I just took some pain medicine and tried getting comfortable laying on a couch. Usually, DeAsia, my mom, sisters, or brothers would rub my back to help the pain subside. But none of them were there.

Medicine and some Youtube videos will have to do. Dwayne was there with me trying to keep me company. And he often asked if the pain was getting better. I didn’t want to be debbie downer so I just told him yes. The pain was actually getting much worse. Then to take my mind off of everything he decided we should go grab some ice cream and powerades from the store. We drove up the street to an ice cream shop. And by the time we parked, my whole body was shaking trying to get from the car to the shop.

All the while, I kept trying to smile through it. But as we walked out with ice cream that could chuck across the lot, I was in excruciating pain. One of my worst crises ever. I had to tell him to take me to the hospital. Our gracious host Kathy, worked at a local hospital and offered to personally drive us there. I was in so much pain by this time that I was breaking down in tears. That will always be a tell tale sign of how much pain I’m in. If there’s tears, you can be sure that I’m truly suffering. But Kathy was great about getting me straight to ER and back in a room as soon as possible.

I spent the next week or more in a major Seattle hospital. I learned something very revealing that day. Yes, I loved Seattle. But the thing I missed the most from being nearly 3000 miles away from home was my support system. I missed the comfort of home, the routines and setup of home, and the people I depended on from home. Kathy was amazing. Dwayne was great. But it often takes a team of people supporting me to help me through hard times like those. I’m glad DeAsia and my mom found there way to Seattle to help me through it.

And I’m just going to take this moment to personally thank Kathy for her kindness that night. I will forever be grateful!

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