If you had to be someone else for one day, who would you be and why?

Nobody in this world is better than you are. We like to look around at everyone else and compare ourselves. He’s stronger and more badass looking than me. She’s smaller and more unique looking than me. It’s natural to make comparisons. It’s how we learn and make connections in our brain. We compare and observe patterns from everything in the world. But it’s really unhealthy to compare yourself to others in a critical way. Life isn’t all about competition. We shouldn’t be trying to be better than everyone else. The only competition that matters is being a better you than you were yesterday. Because honestly, nobody in this world is better than you.

But there are people in this world different from you. Actually, everyone is unique in thier own special ways. And there’s a lot of value in being different. Different people bring different perspectives to life and all of the challenges. I will never experience the same movie, song, or show the same way you do. There’s a lot of value in surrounding yourself with people that can add a different viewpoint to the equation. But imagine if rather than talk with other people you could completely become someone else for a day. That would be insane. And you would have to pick someone that is truly worth the experience. So if you had to be someone else for one day, who would you be and why?

Here’s a short story on who I would be if I could be someone else for a day and why.

Dwayne and I were sitting around in the lobby of the freshman dorms. We loved meeting up here late at night when everyone was asleep. It was so much calmer than the rustle and bustle of hundreds of college freshmans running trying to get to class on time. We were watching a wildly popular business show called Shark Tank. It was so entertaining hearing each entrepreneur pitch their business to these multimillionaire and billionaire investors. Some pitches were great with ingenious ideas. Other pitches were cringey at best. But it was always a great show with so much to learn with each episode.

The show hit a commercial break and we looked at each other while laughing. Some guy was trying to pitch a plush toy elephant company. The twist was it wasnt’ for kids or children. It was for adults in relationships to use to smooth over any type of social conflict. When you have something to get off your chest you put the elephant in the room. Then your partner will see the elephant in the room and know it’s time to talk about something serious. And he wanted people to pay like fifty bucks for this tiny plush toy. It was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing. Then we started talking about some of our silliest ideas.

We started talking about some of our wildest ideas that would be funny on Shark Tank. I reminded him of this idea for a business just based on selling sanitizer to local businesses. Almost nobody gets up to go wash their hands in the bathroom. People would much more likely use a squirt of sanitizer if it sat right on the restaurant table. Then we started talking about pitching one of our serious ideas on Shark Tank. We had a great app game company we were working on a few months ago. We scrapped it because of some problems working with developers. Now we were working on this great idea called Sirius that we just finished pitching in a Kennesaw State University business competition.

But we would never take a legit business idea and waste time negotiating with ego-filled investors. Dwayne laughed and said that’s like Elon Musk pitching Tesla on Shark Tank. It would be laughable. That’s such a great idea and they probably wouldn’t even take it seriously. I thought of how crazy it would be seeing Elon pitch life changing ideas to investors that just care about a quick buck. Then we got into a talk about what business we would start after selling this current business. And we both said we’d only sell this business if we were damn near billionaires because we’re so passionate about it.

And that’s when the real question came in. “If you were a billionaire, what would be your Elon Musk idea that you’d start next?” And we both immediately knew what that meant. Elon Musk’s ideas are life-changing, grand, almost impossible to accomplish. We thought for a minute and shared with each other. I said I would completely revolutionize the medical industry. I also shared a crazy idea of creating a brand new currency that completely revolved around resources necessary to life. Think money backed by water not gold, diamonds, or government. Dwayne shared an insane idea to become the “weather man” and control the weather by tweaking different variables in the climate.

With all this global warming we could definitely use something like that right about now. Anyway, all of this to say. If I could be anyone else for a day it would be Elon Musk. I know his life is stressful with a lot of pressure but I aspire to do what he is one day. I want to eventually work on ideas that would truly change humanity for the better. I think I’d learn a lot about what tackling new and difficult problems is like. And I’d love to learn how he copes and deals with the pressure of holding humanity on his back. It’s something I would probably hate and love at the same time. But without a doubt, I would be Elon Musk for a day if I had the chance.

Plus, I’m sure the man could really use the break haha.

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