If you had the chance to go back in time and change one thing would you do it?

There’s no perfection in life. Things can only come close to perfection. We will always make mistakes. We will always have things we could of done a little better. We learn from these mistakes. They’re valuable. And we improve from our shortcomings. They give us opportunity.

But sometimes we wish we could just go back and do something over. We wish we could take the time to not make a specific mistake. It may have hurt the people we care about. We wish we could go back and do something much better. It may have been an important test that could change our life. Those are all just thoughts. If you could actually go back in time would to change one thing, would you do it?

Here’s my thoughts and what I would do.

I would not go back in time to change just one thing. I would not go back in time to change a million things. I personally don’t live with regrets. And I see the meaning of regrets as actually wishing you could go back in time and change something. I don’t wish that about things in life.

No matter how bad or tragic something might have been, I wouldn’t want to change it. No matter how amazing something could of been, I wouldn’t try to change it. I’m a believer in the natural order of things. I think everything that is meant to happen will happen. And I think that everything that happens in life, is okay.

Not to make things like the war or the Holocaust acceptable. But rather that people die, tragedies happen, and rather than obessesing over trying to change every little one in the past, focus on how we can prevent in from happening again. There’s no reason to go back and change things in life. It isn’t my decision to make.

There’s a much higher being that holds our destiny in their hands. It isn’t up to us to go back and try to play god. There’s so many ethical problems that would arise from changing things in past. There’s so many things that could change as a result of the butterfly effect. And I’m sure there would be a real conflict of interest when we humans start playing god.

Even if all those things were figured out, it just doesn’t interest me. I’m not focusing on the past when there’s so much that can be done in the future. That’s what really excites me. All of the true opportunity lies ahead of us in the future. So if I’m focusing my mind on making changes, it will be changes now to create a better future.

The past is not something we should dwell on too much. It can lead to lots of sadness or depression. If something bad happened in the past, we’ll think why couldn’t I change it. If something good happened in the past, we’ll think how can go back to have it again. It’s not productive. We should use the past simply as a learning tool.

Our efforts are best applied to right now. That’s the only thing that everyday we can get up and effect. Imagine having one day, one chance to get up and change one thing in the past. Or being able to get up each day for thousands of days back to back and change as many things as you can in twenty four hours. The math is simple.

Focus on the things you can control. The now for a better future. I don’t need a shooting star miracle changing the past to be happy.

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