If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend?

Humans are social beings. We’ve come to learn this over time. But we never seem to learn how to be good at social. You don’t learn how to find new friends. You don’t learn how to choose those friends. And we never learn how to treat those friends. All this time in school, and socially we’re supposed to just figure it out.

The funny thing is, somehow we do. Somehow, we figure out how to find our group friends. Somehow, we figure out how to pick the friends that click with our interests. And somehow, some of us figure out how to be a good friend.

Unfortunately, we never really figure out how our friends should treat us. And worse more, we sometimes aren’t great friends to ourselves.

We treat ourselves pretty bad sometimes. We pick up the worst habits in the world. We never want to spend time with ourselves. And we speak to ourselves in a degrading manner. It’s sad.

Why do we choose to do harsh drugs that are guaranteed to put us under? Why do eat so horribly and without regard to our fitness and health? And why on earth do we over work ourselves and never take time to rest? We don’t treat our bodies like a friend we care about.

Most friends make time to connect and interact with each other. We never want to be alone in this world. Everyone’s scared of being lonely. Every weekend is a party, and never time alone. And when we do find ourselves in solitude, we’re usually interrupted by some social account distracting us.

And lastly, we’re just not talking to ourselves. Every good friendship has healthy communication. We should take the time to speak to ourselves, think to ourselves, and be honest with ourselves. Some people don’t even know their true passion or interests in life. When you’re never reflecting on how you feel and what you think, you’ll never know the true you.

Some people even degrade ourselves. We speak with nothing but demeaning comments to ourselves. It’s sad. Nobody’s perfect. But we should be our number supporters. Don’t talk yourself out of doing the things you want to do. Don’t tell yourself you’re not good enough. You are amazing. And the only person who’s thoughts matter, is your own.

And I take that seriously. When I speak to myself, I’m always honest and transparent. I can always be honest without myself and know that I won’t be judged unfairly. And if you can’t be honest with yourself, then how can you be honest with the world?

I’m always sure to make sure I’m motivating myself to be the best version of myself. We need friends that will be real and honest with us. But by the same tokes, we need friends that will always push us to do better. I’m that friend to myself. So I would be friends with myself forever.

Some people are horrible friends to themself. And it’s time to cut those friends off. There’s no space for low quality energy and friends. You should always aim to be the best friend to yourself and a high quality friend.

Because nobody in this world is going to treat you better than you can truly treat yourself.

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