If you could take a single photograph of your life, what would it look like?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Any one snapshot of something can describe so many details about that moment and what it was like. When you take a picture of friends at a pool party, all it takes is that one picture to convey how awesome it was. Some people have that one amazing candid photo that can summarize their entire friendship with their best friend. Whereas it would take a whole thirty minute speech to explain in with words.

A single photograph captures more than the image it shows. It’s really shocking just how powerful photos can be. And that’s why a lot of people will spend an arm and a leg to get their most special events photographed. And it’s great because photos are pretty much universally understandable. It says everything with no words or language. So if you could take a single photograph of your life, what would it look like?

Here’s my thoughts on what a single photo of my life would look like.

It’s hard to explain a picture or an image in detail just using words. I mean that would take at least one thousand words. That’s if we’re sticking to the notoriously famous quote. But I’m still going to accept the challenge. I’ll try to include as much detail as I can but only on the most important and striking parts of the image. But of course the image is more about the meaning behind the visual rather than what is actually there. So here’s what I think my single photo of my life would look.

It would be a guy that looks like me standing out in nature. In the middle of nowhere with no one else around except him. It would be a pretty normal scenery that you would see at national or state park. It would be open fields with a little bit of trees scattered here in there. But the man would be standing completely butt naked. There would be no shirt, pants, or shoes on him anywhere. He’s just bare, naked, and vulnerable in the middle of nowhere.

Then right in front of him would be a very majestic and beautiful mountain. It will look huge from the perspective the man is looking at it. He’s at the bottom of the mountain having not ascended any of it yet. He’s just there at the bottom where he can easily see the tippy top from where he stands. The top of the mountain would be very surreal and blurry. It’s not concretely outlined because the sun shines through the cracks at the top of it.

So the top of the mountain just looks like a bright light shining in all directions. Then there’s a guy standing beside the main guy. He’s standing exactly beside him horizontally facing the same direction. He’s also completely naked and in the same exact position of as the other guy. Actually upon further inspection you could see that this guy looks exactly like the other guy in every fashion and detail. Turns out if you look closely you can see the outline of a box.

The guy isn’t standing beside another guy but rather beside a huge and perfectly clean mirror. So the guy beside him is really just a reflection of the one guy standing in nature alone butt naked in front of a grand surreal mountain. The guy looks slightly exhausted and beat. He looks concerned and doubtful. He looks worried and anxious. And his body doesn’t exude confidence but rather a lack of it. He is making one clear motion though. He has one foot raised off the floor and slightly in front of the other. It looks almost like he’s trying to make minor but definite step forward.

That’s the photograph of what my life looks like in this moment. That one guy in nature, his reflection, and a giant mountain in front of him. That’s it. I don’t know if all of that is really visually possible to photograph. It’s tricky to photograph a mirror with a reflection in it. But nonetheless, this is the image I see when I think of my life. It sounds blurry and vague in words but it’s clear as day to me. What does the photograph of your like look like?

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