If you could relive yesterday what would you do differently?

They say the winners in life will be the ones who seized the day. There’s no point in getting up day after day if you’re going to be a passive participant in this game called life. Every game has winners and losers. The winners are always the people that work hard and take action to get what they want. There’s billions of people out there with the same dreams as you and sadly there will be losers. There might be spots for multiple winners but its rarely possible for everyone to win. So we have to determined to take advantage of every day we have. We have to seize the day and make the best of it. Because all your days will eventually combine to define your life.

But the truth is, we all have bad days. We all have lazy days. And we all have tough days. It’s a part of life. And we can’t always be these creatures of perfection. Actually we can never be creatures of perfection. So in any given day at any given moment we make mistakes. Maybe we spent too much time on social media. Maybe we forgot to email back an important client. Maybe we made a huge fight with our close friends. We are human. You will have faults. You can’t change the past. All you can do is look at those shortcomings and see how you can improve yourself in the future. That’s how you grow. But if you could relive yesterday what would you do differently?

Here’s a short story on what I would do differently if I could relive yesterday.

If I could relive yesterday I would of explored more and ventured off the beaten path. There’s a few things I’m really good at in life. I’m great at being disciplined. I’m great at trying to improve and progress in areas. I’m great at solving difficult and easy problems alike. But I find that I’ve always struggled with my level of spontaneousness. I’m always planning and analyzing my next three steps. I live my life like one never-ending game of chess. Actually, the game will surely end one day. But you get the point. Everything has a time and a place where it’s appropriate and optimal for the situation. But everything doesn’t have to be appropriate and optimal. I hope to be more spontaneous at the right moments.

Yesterday, I went on a trip with my younger siblings to go find them art supplies. They were interested in my startup, Sparketh, and wanted to take one of the art courses. So I made them an account and we headed out to Walmart to go and buy art supplies. I took all four of them down to the art section where we found all the tools we needed. There was acrylic paint, brushes, and a pack of canvases. But all the supplies were pretty lackluster. We’re talking run-of-the-mill generic art supplies. My younger siblings suggested we go to different art store. I thought about and shut the idea down for no apparent reason.

If I could relive yesterday I would take that opportunity to just say sure. We could of went on another adventure. They were already tired and bored of being in the house all day. We could found the nearest hobby lobby. I could of let them explore all the creative sections and find whatever supplies they wanted. It would of been more spontaneous and most likely worth it the end. After all we could of just went back to Walmart if the supplies were too expensive. I chose the straight and narrow path. They didn’t hate me for it. We were still going to do fun art courses. But I missed an opportunity to be adventurous with my siblings.

Then later on we went to get some Chick-fil-a for dinner. We ended up driving pretty far out to get to the restaurant. By the time we were there we spent almost an hour on the road. Nobody asked to go anywhere else this time. We just grabbed the food from inside and got back in the car. I turned back onto the streets heading a whole forty minutes back home. As I was driving I realized we were right beside a very popular mall. It was literally one turn away. It crossed my mind. But instead I stayed on the normal road and took everyone right back home.

I could of just turned into the mall and took them on a little trip. We didn’t have to fully go shopping or anything. But again, they were tired of being stuck at home. It was their labor day weekend break for goodness sake. What was the harm in just making something fun out of the day. Granted, they did have school in the morning so they needed to get to bed on time. But it would of been harmless to just say take them to the park and eat lunch there. I had a bunch of different ideas in my head. And as every opportunity came, I just decided to stick with the normal. That is where I think I could of been more spontaneous yesterday.

And there were many more examples of this throughout the day. We did the art course and they all had fun. They started begging me to do another art course. I said no. I was up late and couldn’t sleep. At home I would usually walk the neighborhood and clear my mind. I thought about walking the neighborhood and exploring but for whatever reason I decided not to. I wish I would of chose to be more adventurous in those situations. It didn’t make or break my life. But it did make and break the experience.

Sorry I wasn’t the fun brother, Durotimi, Angie, Tinu, and Temisan. Next time. I promise!

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