If you could live the next 24 hours and then erase it and start over just once, what would you do?

The possibilities in life are endless. There’s an unlimited amount of things to see, collect, experience, and be. That’s a huge part of the appeal. We could all wake up one day and say “why am I here?”. All of the human race would jump off bridges in droves. But a major appeal is all the amazing and unique things there are to experience in life.

That’s why we should all wake up with a mission to explore the world. The only thing that holds us back is that we’re given just one. We have just one life to live. And we have to use that one life to do, be, see, and experience all we can. But if we had another life to live, I think we would do so many things differently. We wouldn’t even need a whole sixty plus years. If you could live the next 24 hours and the erase it and start over just once, what would you do?

Here’s what I would do with that twenty four hours and my thoughts on it.

We can do so many things with one life. There’s enough time to get rich and then go broke. There’s enough time to be a professional basketball player, then be a senior executive at a major corporation. There’s enough time to have fun summer flings and then fall in love multiple times. There’s more than enough time to do almost anything multiple times over.

So there should be no real reason to have another life. The only real reason would be for the many people who have their lives cut drastically short. They could probably do a lot with a whole new life to work with. That all makes sense. But why then are we not doing all these amazing different things in our single life and fantasize having extra lives? The answer is simple.

Many things in life we do have consequences. These consequences usually affect many other parts of our life. If we get married multiple times now, our marriages later on might not be taken seriously. If we decide to be a gangster rapper or pornstar now, we’ll probably never get a real chance at succeeding in the corporate world. And worst case if we try skydiving or free soloing a mountain we may die and cut our whole life short.

So there’s an unlimited amount of options in life, but many choices have long-lasting effects. That’s why we’d do a lot more with multiple lives or even a spare twenty four hours. I’ve often fantasized about having many lives to live. So I can tell you now, even with twenty fours that would be erased I would do many things on the extreme end.

I would think of everything that I naturally do today and do the opposite. The exceptions would be death, rape, or anything seriously hurting other people. But I’m pretty reserved and business minded. So I would probably be very bold and brazen. Instead of being business minded I would put my energy into being a criminal. I consider myself kind and a gentleman. So I would spend this day essentially being an asshole.

There’s so many things I would try and do in this twenty four hours. I would steal other people’s business ideas. I would probably rob a few banks or execute an Ocean’s 11 style heist. I’d have sex very casually and be a complete “fuckboy”. There would be no caring for others feelings. I’m a lifelong learner and sometimes the best way to learn is through experience. Everything I’ve been taught not to do or I’ve never experienced, I would try.

With twenty four hours that would be completely erased, I would become a completely different person. I would be an asshole. I would be a criminal. I would be a fuckboy. I would be bold and very unreasonable. Essentially, knowing I could get away with anything, instead of being Tim I would be anti-Tim. What would you do with a spare 24 hours that would be erased?

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