If you could live one day of your life over again, what day would you choose?

There’s so many of one kind moments in life. Each and every moment has it’s own special significance. Parents cherish their child’s first steps or words. Friends cherish their friends major birthdays. We cherish our first international trip or the day we lose our virginity. These are all very different moments that are significant in different ways.

And that’s an exciting part of being alive. We’re always presented with one of a kind opportunities that sometimes become life-changing memories. Sometimes I think of the days I would relive given the opportunity. We all have those thoughts. There’s a day, a moment, an event that we loved so much it feels like we were meant to relive it. What one day would you choose to live over again given the opportunity?

Here’s the day I would live over again and my thoughts on why.

When you take the time to think of days that were great, there’s a lot. We’ve all got great moments in life that we’ll always remember. In the same way, we all have some sad and stressful low days. But to go out of your way to choose a single day to relive out of tens of thousands is tough. It would have to be a near perfect day with amazing people and great memories. That’s the day I would want to relive.

There’s many great moments that come to my mind, but there’s only one day or moment that embodies all those points. It was a near perfect day on vacation with great weather last year. It was filled with all my favorite people from close friends to caring family. It was a day overflowing with new memories being made all throughout. That day is the third or fourth day of the retreat Dwayne and I planned for our favorite people.

The day I would choose to relive is the day of the retreat. It was a once in a lifetime event with all these people gathering in Florida from across the states. We were all in such a happy and grateful mindset that was almost contagious from the very first day of the event. We had lots of fun playing games, singing karaoke, and just bonding together. It was a personal but powerful moment.

The actual day I would relive could of been any of them. They were all different and fun in their own respective ways. But for the sake of impact, I’ll say the last day of the family portion and the first day of the friend’s portion. That was a transition day, but also the day we saw almost everyone from the family and friends group. Imagine everyone you care about all in the same house, laughing and smiling together.

That is exactly what that day was like. I find myself often neglecting friends and family, so I especially cherish moments when I can be present and grateful. I would also want to relive that moment in a much better way. I was so caught up in logistics and planning that I forgot to have fun. I could of interacted with so many more people and been more engaged. So I would take advantage of that day one hundred times more given the opportunity to relive it.

Nonetheless, it was a life-changing experience not only for me but for all involved. It was fun. It was touching. It was exciting. It was inspiring. It was magical. It was memorable. It was special. And if nothing else, it was worth an encore. Maybe there will be one! We’ll have to wait and see. What day would you love to relive?

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