If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Change. Change is the one true constant in life. Everything in life is changing at all times. Some things change slowly like a seed planted today that eventually sprouts into an apple tree. Other things are changing rapidly like a catchy song that blows up overnight and is played out within a week or two. The speed of things changing will vary depending on the thing. But everything is always changing. Life has a way of forcing things to change whether they like it or not. The animals, people, and even businesses of the world are forced to change over time or die slowly but surely. The game called life has one rule… Adapt or die. That’s the name of the game and many of us learn that we have to master the skill of adaptation.

We learn to change who we hang out with to attract better energy in our lives. We learn to change our bad habits to habits that will improve us over time. We learn to change the type of people we fall in love with and maybe we won’t find ourselves heartbroken as often. By the time we’re adults we’ve mastered the art of change in a multitude of ways. We learn the ins and outs of change then use it to adapt to all kinds of situations on an almost daily basis. One thing we learn from all that change is a very important life lesson though. We can change a million and one things in this life but we will never be able to change the past. And that’s why you have to be more deliberate with the decisions and actions you take today. Acknowledge how you would do things differently but use that knowledge to do better today. So if you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Here’s my thoughts on if I would change anything if I could do it all over again.

This is a tough question to answer. It seems obvious that we should definitely do things better given a second chance. What’s the point of learning and improving in life if you don’t take the opportunity to do better. I think it only makes sense to be a better version of yourself with all the things you’ve learned from your mistakes. You should use all the things you’ve learned from your successes as well. So yes, most people would easily without a doubt choose to do things differently. That is simply because nobody is perfect. Nobody has lived a perfect mistake free life up to this date. We’ve all made mistakes and we all have room to improve. I’m no different in that respect. But the way I am different is the way that I approach life.

I believe in living with no regrets. It’s a mindset thing that I have adopted ever since a young age. We all make mistakes in life. We shouldn’t dwell on the past, we should learn from it. And we can use that lesson to be better in the future. That’s all fine and dandy. The problem is that the idea of regret is something that goes deeper than wishing you could change something. The meaning of regret in my eyes is saying that given the chance you would truly change the events of the past. When you can honestly say you would change something that has already happened in the past, then you truly regret that thing in some way. I don’t believe in regrets which means I wouldn’t change the past. I am okay with the events of life and have no genuine desire to change them. I can’t control everything in life and by living with no regrets it allows me to accept the past.

That being said, it seems almost foolish to not change things that you know could be better. And that’s where I’m torn. If I was given the chance to go back in time, I would feel weird not stopping bad things that I know would happen. It’s hard to really grasp the concept but think about it for a second. If you knew your bestfriend was going to get into a fatal car crash, that’s a weird situation to be in. I don’t want to change the past because I live with no regrets. But it would seem almost ignorant and hateful to stand by and let bad events happen. I don’t think I would have the patience and discipline to sit back while I watch bad things happen in my life. Not only my life, I think I would feel inclined to stop the bad things that I know will happen in my loved ones lives. So that’s why this answer is one that I couldn’t possibly clearly answer.

I live with no regrets. I wouldn’t change the past given the chance. But I wouldn’t stand by and watch my friends and family get hurt. So that being said, I would say no I wouldn’t change anything. It’s not my place to go back and change things. But at the same time, yes I would act on the knowledge that I can’t avoid. If I know something bad is going to happen and there’s a way to prevent it, I just wouldn’t be able to sit on my ass and ignore it. It’s a contradicting answer I know. But this was one of the harder questions to answer. Honestly, I would say there’s no clear answer I could give that would be honest. But I just thought about it and came up with a fair answer. I would not go back and change anything if I could go back and do it all over… but I would never want to go back and do it all over in first place.

That’s my answer. I live for now and tomorrow. The past is behind us for a reason.

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