If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a book is filled with thousands of words. These things called books could be mankind’s single greatest invention. It perfectly captures history, knowledge, ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and even stories. When we read books it opens up the gates of our imagination, and releases the river of knowledge.

In highschool, we’re forced to read certain books as mandatory reading. It’s a good concept. Some students don’t know they like reading until they open up the lid of a true masterpiece. But all books have different meanings and messages. The books in highschool are great, but there is so much more we could read.

If I had to choose a book for all highschoolers to read, here’s what I’d pick.

Without a doubt, I would pick The Report Card by Andrew Clements.

Andrew Clements is a phenomenal author that truly captivates an audience with every word they read. His books are more of a middle school reading level in general. But nonetheless, his stories are incredible. He’s written many hit novels like “Lunch Money” and “Frindle”.

But there’s something about the novel, “The Report Card” that captivated me as a child long ago. It’s a book I will never forget, and I never want to forget. It was one of my first ever novels and thoroughly expanded my imagination back then. The book was funny, interesting, exciting, and most importantly had some powerful messaging. It’s my favorite novel of all time, but here’s a few reasons why it would be perfect for highschoolers around the globe.

It’s middle school reading level. This might seem contradictory. Why would you force a student to read a book way below their reading level. I think of it differently. Because it’s an easy read, many more students will make it from cover to cover. There’s a soft cry in the universe every time a book being read goes unfinished. The completion rate with “The Report Card” would be through the roof.

The story is super interesting and relatable. The whole book is written from the point of view of a little girl and the perils of her schoollife. It sounds funny I know. But no more books on future utopias that no one can comprehend. Honestly, books like “A Brave New World” and “Crime and Punishment” are true gems. But I’m sure students would appreciate how relatable Mr. Clements made “The Report Card”.

Lastly, the overall messages in this book are so powerful. As a young child, I learned so much about myself, school, and society when reading the book. Even to this day, I remember the messages I learned and keep them front of mind. It was a bittersweet book with a sad but real truth of how the world works. As a teenager, or even now as young adult I know there’s so much more value to be found.

Andrew Clements arranged a few thousand words into a true masterpiece. I will forever be grateful for the story he shared. The day I read that book, Andrew shed a lot of light on the invisible forces that affected my life. I also understood my values and motivations more. I believe all teenagers can benefit from the value of this book.

Because if nothing else, “The Report Card” is a masterful piece of work that stands up for misunderstood students all around the world!

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