If not now, then when?

There’s a time and a place for everything. It’s not always easy to pinpoint the right place for something. But when it comes to the time, it’s pretty straight-forward… the right time is now. Obviously this isn’t fact, but as a rule of thumb, great things are always done now. However, everyone isn’t down to do it now.

Some people don’t want to chase their dreams now. Some people don’t want to get married right now. Other people aren’t focused on health and wellness right now. And nothing is wrong with the people not willing to do something right right now. But the question for them is… If not now, then when?

I am those people. I am the person that wants to think for an hour or two before spending five grand on a new car. I’m the the person who wants to date for years because I’m not ready for marriage right now. I’m even the person who wants to talk it out, but not now. I need a moment to clear my thoughts out. I even made a neat little quote summarizing relationship conflicts in my life. It goes…

You want to fix it in the moment, I just need a moment.

Taking your time and thinking things out can be a valuable skill. Making quick decisions in life is important because you are the CEO of your life. Making smart decisions in life is important because you are the customer of your life. You manage and consume the product at the same time.

So I think about my decisions thoroughly. I take the time to make sure my decisions and thoughts are accurate. I make sure my actions are rational. But I’ve learned now, to try and do things quicker. Not just quicker like next week, I’m talking about now.

As I’ve gone throughout I life, I’ve learned that there’s a simple answer to this question.

It’s never.

If not now, then when?… Never.

There are 101 million ideas, ads, people, thoughts, and events vying for our attention all the time. So when we brush something off to next week or next month, it becomes next year or never.

And we’ve all experienced this. The time to do what you want is now. The time to make a move on your crush is now. The time to cherish your friends and family is now. Not because tomorrow is too late, but rather because tomorrow just means never.

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