If it all came back around to you, would it help you or hurt you?

What goes around comes around. There’s something so true about this age old quote. The world lives in cycles because history repeats itself. But even more, things we do in the world somehow come back around to us. Whether you believe in karma or not, we should all aspire to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Karma is just a fancy little concept to help people follow this rule. The golden rule helps us do good in the world. And karma inspires us to do more good so we can recieve more good back to us. But some people don’t do any good regardless of knowing these things. The question is, if all your karma did come back around to you right now, would it help you or hurt you?

Here’s my guess and personal thoughts on it.

I believe if my karma came around right now it would help me in so many great ways. This is a hard thing to determine because we’ve all done good and bad. We’ve all made selfish decisions. We’ve all had our selfless acts. But overall, which do we feel we’ve put more of in the world.

Personally, I think I’ve put more good karma in the world because I have such strong values. I believe strongly in my morals and very rarely waver from them. So I know when push comes to shove, I find myself doing the right thing more often than not. At least the right thing by my standards.

I’m also so passionate about helping other people reach their goals. I’m always drawn in to people who have an idea or a vision and need help getting there. I’m super happy to be that help and do what I can to help that goal come to life. Whether it’s my brother, cousin, or just a person that messages me on Instagram, I help them all.

There’s just something I love about seeing people reach their full potential. Sometimes this means building a website. Other times it may be brainstorming a launch plan. People are always needing someone to motivate them to get started on their project. If I can be that person, I’ll take my shot.

This is a lot of pure good energy with good intentions I put in the world on a regular basis. So if it all came back around I would hope that same energy is reciprocated. I know I would surely be able to use the help from other people. And everyone could help me in some way I’m sure.

I’m always working on a new business or a new project. So at any given moment I could need help finding a new hire, fixing a technical problem, or just some plain old business advice. There’s so many talented friends, family, and acquaintances I have. So it would be super duper helpful for me and the projects I’m working on.

It would be an overwhelming amount of positive energy put in my life. I think all the help I put in the world before is simply the reason. It also helps that I try to do right by each and everyone I meet. There’s bad things I’ve done. I’ve given negative energy. But without a doubt, I think the good outweighs the bad. And if not, nows the time to make it that way.

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