If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

Money makes the world go round. That’s the saying and that’s the truth. But it’s not actually the physical money that makes it so important. It’s the high powered governing forces that stand behind it. They all make a general consensus that this here green paper with a face on it is worth “X” amount of value in or country. And we all take their word, and work to get as much of that green paper.

But what if there was a different kind of currency. What if instead of a green paper there was something else that everyone agreed was valuable. What if that something was something that everyone already was kind of looking for in their life? That would change things. What if happiness was the currency that everyone was working to get as much as possible of? What work would truly make you filthy rich with that happiness?

Here’s what work I think would make me so damn rich of happiness.

There’s two passions I have in life. I’m super passionate about creativity. I love to see people express themselves in unique ways. Fine art is amazing to look at in musuems and try to interpret. Music is profound to hear and understand the message and rhythms behind. Food is delectable to taste and break down the unique flavor compositions. And movies are captivating to watch and experience a brand new perspective.

These things are all creative and there are so many more. I love to see and experience the creativity that the world has to offer. And as long as there are people with unique perspectives on life, there will be creativity to experience. That moves me and makes me very happy when I see the different ways the world can stimulate the human mind. Even more than the human mind sometimes.

My second passion is business. I’m businessperson by calling. I didn’t see it and like. I didn’t get requested to start a business for some other investor. It was a calling. My natural personality, mindset, and skillset are the perfect recipe for an entrepreneur. I love everything about it. I love the bad days when things look bleek and you lose hope. I love the good days when you think your on the brink of greatness.

Business makes me happy to be a part of . I love to analyze the who, what, where, and when of business. There’s so much that goes into running a successful business. You have to have a great product. You have to have amazingly talented people. You have to have very efficient processes. And most of all you have to have strong character to weather any and every storm.

A perfectly run business is an art form and performance in and of itself. And I would love to do business for the rest of my life. I would be super happy and feel purposeful every single day. But that wouldn’t make me as rich with this new happiness currency as I could be. What would make me even happier, is adding in the creativity part and being able to see other people’s art to work on it with them. If I woke up everyday and my work was finding and helping other businesses and entrepreneurs, I would explode with happiness.

My skillset, life purpose, and passions would have met at the greatest crossroads. I would be passionate about creativity and how people express themselves in business. I would be realizing my life purpose of helping others in an impactful way. And I would be maximizing the use of my natural skills of taking big visions and reverse engineering them into life. That would bring me true happiness and I believe potentially make me one of the world’s richest in happy people!

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