How would you spend your ideal day?

Time is our most valuable asset in life. We can use time to develop larger than life projects or create amazing works of art. But we can also use our time to destroy others work and belittle our own self worth. With time, almost anything is possible… Without it, nothing is. And everyone gets the same twenty four hours in a day to spend our time as we please. It’s important that we take that time to get to work on the big dreams we have. We have to be diligent and focused with our time and effort to create the life that we truly want. Nobody is going to do it for you because everybody is focused on spending their own time to build their own life.

So if you want something you have bad enough you have to work for it. The twenty four hours you get in a day should be put towards creating your vision. But there’s more to life than just working and aspiring for goals. We have to relax and enjoy life sometimes too. It’s just as important to sharpen your saw and keep your mind motivated in life. So our time has to be equally split between doing both things. We have to work but we have to enjoy. We just have to take our free days to do whatever feels the best to us. The only way to make the most of your free days is to know in advance what you feel a great day is. So how would you spend your ideal day?

Here’s my thoughts on how I would spend my ideal day.

I made a choice a long time ago to spend my time doing things that I enjoy. Of course my whole life isn’t a fairytale. There are many times that I have to do things that I hate doing. I push through business travelling even when I’m exhausted. I wake up early to get on work calls even when I want to sleep in all day. But the way I set my life up, I spend more time doing what I want than the average person. I didn’t like the way I would have to live if I had a traditional job. So early on I knew I would create my own business. I was so confident that I dropped everything I was doing in school to jump right into the business path.

Now I get to wake up when I want to most days. Now I get to work when I feel like it most days. Now I can travel, or slack, or hustle, or take breaks whenever I decide that it’s best for me. So my time is much more valuable to me. I take the time to use my days in ways that I enjoy on a consistent basis. I’m always trying to live my ideal day. That doesn’t mean everyday turns out ideal in my eyes. Sometimes I don’t get to do everything that I want to do in the day. But other days, I feel happy and satisfied when the day is over. I feel like I kept a perfect balance between the happy and the hustle. It’s a feeling I strive for everyday. But rather than talk about it, I’ll just explain yesterday and how it was an ideal day for me.

I woke up early at around eight in the morning. It wasn’t a horribly early rise which worked well for me. I didn’t wake up feeling tired and upset at the world. Instead I was in a good mood and ready to take on the day. So I turned on my game and started playing a few matches. It was just some light relaxation because that’s what I felt like doing. I didn’t have to get straight to work and I had an urge to play some games. So after an hour playing some matches and relaxing for the first hour of the day, I went to get ready. I took a shower, listened to some Bazzi songs, and brushed my teeth. It was chill. I read up on some current events in the news.

Then I knew it was the perfect time to get to work. I called up my business partner and bestfriend Dwayne. We decided we could work from Barnes and Nobles today. So I picked him up from the house and we headed to the book store. We spent four hours working on business and getting random tasks done. It was always much more productive working face to face. We could communicate easier and feed off each other’s ideas. It was great getting things done and being in a productive environment. We called it wraps at around two in the afternoon. Then we walked around the bookstore browsing books on entrepreneurship. We walked the town center and chatted up some interesting people we bumped into.

Then we got in the car and headed to the city of Atlanta. We met up at a mutual friend, Evyn’s fiance’s parent’s house. It was nice to see him. Another business friend and sharp mind, Anthony, met us there as well. We all sat down at the bar in the basement and started talking about random things. We shared our progress in business and the ventures we’ve been focused on. We shared new ideas and ways to improve them. And we just connected and bonded over business, hustle, progress, life, and self-development. It was the perfect way to chill and talk business for the day. We all bonded and strengthened our relationship.

Then I went home and got straight into writing my answer to my daily question. It was thirty minutes to an hour just writing and sharing my thoughts to the world. After that I grabbed some food with DeAsia and got into bed. We turned the next episode of the show “Power”. We winded down watching TV, eating and just talking about our day. It was a great day. My ideal day will always include getting up and being productive. It will involve getting out the house and being social. And it would involve being happy throughout most of the day. Yesterday and many of my days include all of those things. The only thing I would of added would be a quick gym workout in the morning. Otherwise, it was ideal by all my standards.

Thanks for inviting me to the epic brainstorm session, Dwayne, Evyn, and Anthony. I’m glad to be in the presence of your hustler’s energy, Evyn, your sharp mind, Anthony, and your social savvy, Dwayne.

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