How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Nobody knows you the way you know yourself. Our friends and family can learn a lot about us from spending so much time around us. They’ve interacted with us in our good and bad times. They’re the ones we share our thoughts and feelings with. They see us grow up from small children into real life adults. They will probably be the people we spend the most time with outside of work.

But there’s still only so much that friends and family can understand. There’s only so much anyone else can understand. We will always know ourselves inside and out. There’s no getting closer than living with someone one hundred percent of the time. So we should understand the intricate details of who we are. A good way to test this is to ask, “How would I describe myself in one sentence?”

Here’s how I would describe myself in one sentence and my thoughts on it.

Tim is a curious kid trying to accomplish big things while making sense of the world around him.

This a simple sentence that describes many parts of me. Of course humans are complex and with a lot going on underneath the surface. So it’s almost impossible to perfectly describe someone with just one short sentence. But I believe we’re all simple beings at the end of the day. Almost all of our desires and intentions are primal and just human nature. So I boiled all that down into my one sentence.

But there’s different things being said throughout this one sentence. The first part is me being a kid. I say Tim is a kid because truly I feel like a kid. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that true adult feeling. I know I’m an adult with more responsibilities than I had as a kid. But I don’t feel the pressures to be perfect and serious all the time. I’m young and fun and at heart and it’s a big part of who I am. I hope to always have a child’s mentality in life.

The next part of the sentence is me being curious. I’m a very curious person. I naturally gravitate to my curiosities. Many things I find myself learning about in life are usually something I randomly became curious about. I am easily intrigued by things that I’ve never experienced before. I think many kids are like this naturally. This is another reason I believe I’m a kid at heart. Curiousity leads me into exciting and interesting areas of life.

Another part of the sentence is me trying to accomplish big things. I’ve always felt I was meant to do big things in life. Ever since I was young acing gifted tests and skipping grade levels of math, I knew I was above average. When I think of my childhood, I’ve always tried to live up to my full potential. It’s important to me to accomplish great things because I know I certainly can. The greats that have become for are no different than you and me. So today and forever I will be striving to accomplish greatness.

The last part of the sentence is, “trying to make sense of the world.” I’m always overthinking things. My mind runs non-stop twenty four seven. I find myself zoning out into deep thought about the universe and the meaning of life. Anytime I’m not actively doing something, I’m actively thinking about something. It could be analyzing the success of Fortune 500 companies or just thinking about the best text to send a crush. I’m a supercomputer that’s set to forever analyze the world.

These are the main parts of my one sentence description. There’s a lot more I could of included like how I like video games or magic. But the core of who I am can be boiled down to those main points. It’s me in a nutshell. And as I get older, I’m sure the statement will be more accurate. Regardless of the situation, Tim is just a curious kid trying to accomplish big things while making sense of the world around him. How would you describe yourself?

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