How would you describe your future in three words?

The future is such a beautiful place. Not because things will be perfectly crafted, artistic and efficient. That’s not a guarantee. But rather, the future is one of the few places our minds can truly go wild with imagination. We can imagine an endless amount of worlds in the future. And if we work hard enough, we just might make it a reality. The past is already set in stone. The present is in action. The future is always a big question mark. That uncertain certainty is a beautiful thing. Because the future is pretty much guaranteed. I’m not the biggest gambler, but I’ll bet my money nearly everytime that the sun rises tomorrow.

And that’s why we have to put an emphasis on the future. We can analyze our past and connect a million dots. We can live in the present and experience everything we can sense. But the future is something that has to potential to be good or bad depending on how much emphasis you put on it now. If you’re actively thinking about your future, you can craft it to your will. If you ignore your future you will be a passenger on the journey of life and your ultimate destination. We aren’t promised tomorrow. But tomorrow will be important in your life. You should take the time to think of what you want your future to look like. It can help you be more proactive in realizing that future. So how would you describe your future in three words?

Here’s my thoughts on how I would describe my future in three words.

The first I would use to describe my future is, “Challenging”. I know my future will be filled with many challenges. Once upon a time I thought life was going to be easy. I thought if I did everything I needed and thought before I acted I would breeze through life. And while I did think before I acted ninety nine percent of the time, all it takes is one percent. All it takes is one bad decision to throw your life on a completely different track. And that track will be filled with a host of consequences. I went through that first hand in the last few years. It was a serious reality check. And while I would never want to do it again, I learned a lot through those years.

I now know that life is a walk in the park. Life isn’t a cotton candy and rainbows. Life will be good one second and be dreadful the next. The rollercoaster of life is not one for the faint of heart. I’ve been pushing myself to stay the course these last years. And it has made me a stronger person. I know my future will hold even greater challenges. Not just because like can hit you with a sharp left turn, but also because I enjoy challenge. I will find the challenges myself. I will always aspire to conquer bigger and badder mountains. I’m not afraid of the challenges that are ahead of me. If I do my best, that’s all that matters to me.

Another word that I would use to describe my future would be “Progressive”. I am committed to progress in all areas of my life. I want to always be moving forward in life. And that will surely apply to my future. The future is ahead of me, so I should be moving forward to get there. I want to be better at everything I take the time to participate in. I want to be getting better at managing my health. I want to be getting better at social situations. I want to be getting better at expressing my emotions. I want to be getting better in business. I want to be getting better at being a lover. I want to be getting better at bonding with my family and loved ones.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I want to be getting better at every area of my life. I know my future is filled with progress. It’s built into my very nature. I won’t settle for a life that isn’t progressively getting better over time. If I’m no longer trying to be better, than chances are I no longer care. And that’s a bad sign. Progress is a part of healthy evolution. I want to always be evolving into a better version of myself. I know that the future me will be lightyears better than the Tim I see today. And that excites me. I want that to always be true. A progressive future is part of what makes the future so exciting. Who wants to stick around in a crashing airplane. If we’re not growing, we’re dying. Simple as that.

The last word I would use to describe my future is, “Memorable”. This is one of those words that doesn’t really make sense when you first think about it. You can’t remember the future, can you? But all I’m trying to say here is my future is going to hold amazing things. The things I do in the future are going to be remembered for how great they were. I want to do things bigger and better in my future. I don’t want to settle for a mediocre life. That’s no fun. At least not right now. I’ll probably settle down eventually. But right now, I know there is a lot of epicness in my future. And I’m going to live out those epic adventures to my fullest extent.

I’m not interested in the normalcy of life. I want to do things that are special. I want to create stories that I will remember forever. And I want my grandkids to smile from ear to ear when they hear of the adventures their grandfather set out on. It won’t be all good things I know. Memorable doesn’t mean happiness and excitement all the time. There will be lows. But nonetheless, I want my future to be memorable. Because when it’s all set and done all I’ll have are the memories I made over the years. So I want my future to be bold, adventurous and full of great memories. Memorable, challenging, and progressive. I know these things are in my future. Because these things are in my very nature.

Hello future person. How memorable, challenging, and progressive was my life?

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