How would you describe the past year of your life in one sentence?

A year is such a perfect measurement of time. It is just short enough for things to be present. But it’s just far enough to have a vision. For humans a year is the ultimate section of time to aspire to make real change. When we make changes it can take a few weeks or months. But when we stick to those changes for a year we know it’s true change we’ve made. We’re living a different life that consists of the change we made almost twelve years back.

That’s why I push myself to create good habits and stick with them for at least a year. When I do something for a year consistently it tells me I could hypothetically do it for decades. And a year is also the best amount of time to truly evaluate the direction our life is headed. If we take the time to evaluate our year we can learn a lot about where we’re headed in the next five or ten years. That said, how would you describe the past year of your life in one sentence?

Here’s a short story on how I would describe the past year of my life in one sentence?

Rather than tell a short story that illustrates the gist of my year, I’m going to share all the major events that happened last year. It will give a clearer picture of what my last year was really like. It will explain my thoughts and feelings throughout the year. And it will ultimately explain why I choose the sentence I choose to describe my year. So instead of a short story of the past year, this is a general overview where I touch on as many points as possible.

In the beginning of last year we commisioned the new Sparketh platform to be built. It cost us a lot of money but we knew it was the right business decison. We were working on a new subject to be launched for Sparketh students at the end of the year. That also took a lot of money to design, shoot, and edit. And lastly, we were planning on going on the largest Sparketh expo tour to date. We would be travelling to twenty plus different expos all across the U.S. So it’s safe to say it was going to be an epic year for business.

We started travelling to the different expos and it got really hectic. Dwayne and I were on a crazy schedule going from state to state back to back. It was too much travelling for me and I ended up sick, hospitalized in Seattle. Then when I got better, I got very sick at another expo when I was alone in Ohio. I don’t know what was going on but I was getting sick pretty much nonstop. And during this time I was on a no-carbs diet.

Eventually we finished the expo tour but I was in and out of the hospital pretty much every two weeks on the dot. Then finally August was here and it was time for my birthday. DeAsia planned an epic cruise for me and it was my first one ever. It was a lot of fun travelling through the Bahamas. But I ended up getting really bad stomach pain almost every night I was there. It was unbearable but we pushed through it. Then when I got home the pain increase in intensity and I was throwing up curled over in excrutiating pain every day.

I ended up in another hospital and within days had my entire gallbladder surgically removed from my body. I wasn’t ready for that kind of surgery but it had to be done. All the while this is going on, the business is being neglected and the thousands of customers we signed up earlier in the year were cancelling. Then the company finished the new Sparketh platform but messed up transferring all the customers over. So we lost thousands of dollars in revenue from their mistake.

I was also highly depressed and frustrated with life. Dwayne was highly depressed. The business was being run into the ground. And my health was shit for pretty much the rest of the year. All that leaves me with only one way to describe my last year. The sentence is… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Last year was one of the most painful years ever. But I know if I continue to push through it only stands to make me stronger. And I know this year will be much better than the last.

Thank you to everyone that helped or inspired me to stay strong through last year.

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