How would the world be different if you were never born?

Every person is a unique being in the world. We have our own unique personality and way we think and approach problems. We have unique looks, styles, and character to our personal presence. And overall, we’re one of a kind human being that can’t be copied or duplicated. We have many similarities as fellow humans but all in all there can only ever be one of you. And there can only ever be one of me.

This means that we have our own unique touch that we add to the world. Without you the world wouldn’t be exactly the way it is today. And the weight and unique perspective you add to the world makes a big difference. There’s nobody that can fill your spot in the grand scheme of things the exact way you do. But we often discount our personal contributions to the world. You should ask yourself, “How would the world be different if I were never born?”

Here’s how the world would be different if I were never born and my thoughts on it.

At first thought, this is one of the most narcissistic questions you could possibly answer. The premise of this question relies on the idea that the world is nothing without you. And it also implies that you are the only one that could accomplish a certain thing in the world. It’s easy to see the selfish side of a question like this. The world is so expansive and complex that with or without one person things would certainly not change that much.

When we think of one ant getting run over by a car, we don’t think the entire ant species will completely crumble. We immediately assume all will be well and life goes on. The ants will still find food and the ant hills will continue to pop up in our front lawns. But in reality, we could never really know the value of a single ant. The same we could never really know the value of a single human being. If Einstein wasn’t born we couldn’t assume that all his discoveries would be found eventually.

In the same way, we can’t assume that the world would have built out all the technologies we have today without someone like Nikola Tesla. That’s the same reality of a human being like you and me. It may not be all apparent right now, but in some way we make a difference in the world. And without our presence, things would certainly not be exactly the same. So be a little selfish and realistic and think how really would the world be different without you being born.

If I wasn’t born I think the world would be a slightly less creative place. There’s no doubt that the world is already a very creative place. There’s so many new inventions and creations made every single day. I couldn’t possibly say that I’m the reason the world is creative. And I couldn’t possibly say that new creations and inventiveness wouldn’t happen without me. That’s just ludicrous.

But I’ve always been a very creative person. And I love to learn more creative subjects and new ideas. I’m always eager to think about novel ideas and be a very critical thinker. So whenever I have the chance to use my brain power to solve a problem I find it interesting and exciting. I truly value creativity in my heart and it’s one of the things I believe I add to the world. I even dedicated part of my life to creating a platform that helps foster creativity.

So in an indirect and even sometimes direct way, I’m impacting young impressionable minds to be more creative. It’s not something that’s easy to see today, but I’m confident the thousands of students that have used my company will impact the world. So my small little contribution everyday of being creative, and creating resources for others to be creative have surely added to the world. If I wasn’t born, the world would be a little less creative than it is without me.

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